WWE released Braun Strowman from his huge contract this week, and plenty of fans were shocked by that announcement. The writing might have been on the wall that he was obsolete and far too expensive to keep around.

We previously reported that Strowman was making 7 figures a year with WWE. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter clarified to say that he was making $1.2 million per year. That was a huge salary on the roster, a contract he signed during a very lucky time.

It was noted that Strowman was under the assumption that Vince McMahon would never fire him. He signed such a huge long-term deal and felt safe in that. It was noted that Strowman made a huge mistake by not pulling for a “no cut clause,” something he could have probably received at the time.

His salary worked against him and one person noted he made a huge mistake in negotiations because when he signed his new deal, he was considered a hot commodity and if he pushed for it, probably could have gotten a no-cut contract that a few of the bigger names have.


Braun Strowman was a top tier guy at the time when he signed that deal. AEW was also starting out and WWE wanted to lock their stars down no matter the cost. Braun’s deal was certainly a huge one to match his Monster Among Men persona.

It was also noted that due to WWE bringing in Commander Azeez and Omos, Braun Strowman was no longer the biggest guy on the roster. He was also believed to be two years past his peak by management.

When Braun Strowman came in, he muscled out The Big Show. The two feuded prior to Big Show being removed from the picture entirely. No feud happened between Strowman and Commander Azeez or Omos this time.

Will Braun Strowman end up in AEW? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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