Tom Phillips was released from WWE, and that can be a very hard company to succeed in. There will always be competition in any line of work, especially in Vince McMahon’s company.

While speaking to Sports Media Podcast, Phillips opened up about some of the competition between the WWE broadcasters. He admitted to not feeling competition from other announcers. He felt motivated by others improving around him and the camaraderie he felt on the team was great.

Phillips admitted that WWE announcers are overproduced, but his experience was different. Some people have a misconception with WWE that you can call play-by-play like it’s a sport, but “we’re trying to tell stories, and great stories are what people remember.”

One of the toughest parts for Tom Phillips was having to catch up so quickly to people who already knew the WWE product like the back of their hand. That caused him to catch up.


“The toughest thing about WWE is — if you’re coming in — there’s plenty of people who come in who really don’t know wrestling inside out and backwards, you gotta get up to speed quickly. You have to find the right people who have your back and will support and teach you. I had so many people like that. It look years for me to get comfortable with it, because that’s how intricate the product is.”

We will have to see where Tom Phillips ends up next. WWE is going through a lot of changes and that might not stop any time soon. Phillips was there and saw a ton of things shift before his eyes, and now he will watch the company continue to evolve from afar.

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Felix Upton

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