AEW has generated some headlines recently due to rumors that their Executive Vice Presidents aren’t getting along. It was said that some of them aren’t even talking anymore. There is a lot to unpack in this situation, because everything is complicated in pro wrestling.

Dave Meltzer saw this rumor being discussed on the Wrestling Observer message boards. He responded to clarify that Cody Rhodes has “more of a business relationship with the other three,” but it’s not a bad one.

Everyone involved in the situation has “different philosophies” and it’s impossible to get everyone to agree about everything.

Anyway, nobody isn’t talking to each other. It’s impossible in wrestling to get everyone to agree on everything, especially when they are passionate about it. The Young Bucks & Omega are legit close personal friends. Cody is more of a business relationship with the other three but it’s not an adversarial one in the least and all have the same end goals which is to build a company that sustains and grows. They have different philosophies, but everyone in wrestling does based on when you grew up, where you grew up, and your life experiences.


But Tony runs the show and ultimately it’s the Tony philosophy. All want a diversified approach and you can argue whether that’s good or bad but that is what they all seem to agree on.

There were still some rumors that “difference-maker” is reconsidering coming to AEW due to this rumored trouble between the EVPs. We’ll have to see how things pan out, but it was also said that an amazing tell-all documentary is likely on the way eventually.

Nobody within AEW has publicly addressed this rumored problem between Executive Vice Presidents. That won’t stop people from talking about it.

What do you think the big problem is within AEW? Sound off in the comments.

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