WWE has a lot of interesting rules backstage. Vince McMahon wants his programs to give off a certain appeal, and he controls ever facet of that presentation, even down to the backstage interviews.

The Launchcast recently had WWE broadcast team member Scott Stanford on the show. He discussed the audition process and how many people Vince McMahon hated before he saw Stanford’s tape. He also revealed a very interesting rule that they have for backstage interviewers. They can’t be tall, or they’ll have to crouch down. This is why short people like Kayla Braxton have excelled in the gig.

“When the time came, WWE was looking for a new studio host. The demo I made was just me working with all their talent and it looked like I had worked for the company already. I get a call from the main guy back at the time and said, ‘We got about 300 tapes for a studio position, we narrowed it down to five, Vince McMahon hated all of them.’ Vince looked at (Stanford’s) demo and said, ‘Get this guy in here now.’”

“I did the audition with Joey Styles and got the gig. Next you know, I’m doing studio shows, they’re calling me to do play-by-play on the road. I was a little too tall, so I had to kneel down because you always have to make the Superstar look bigger. That’s why now you’ll see small females who stand and look up,”

Kayla Braxton had to fill in for Kevin Patrick this week as he celebrated the birth of his child. We’ll see Patrick back on RAW interviewing Superstars backstage. It will be interesting to pay attention to how he is standing from this point on.

Felix Upton

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