WWE has the means to carry a rather large roster of stars, but they can’t sign everyone. Mariah May didn’t get signed despite her successful tryout. That won’t discourage her as she is now determined to find her way back with even more experience.

During Love Wrestling, Mariah May explained why WWE passed on her. She was told to get out there and gain more experience. This encouragement to keep doing work on the indies did push her to get out there more. Now she is looking to take in every aspect of that part in her journey.

I just had had three matches at the tryout. They were like, ‘you have got the tools, just get the experience. We just want to see you just get yourself out there and just learn how to work.’”

“That’s what it’s all about. And that’s kind of – you know, I just want to just kind of do some stuff for myself, like wrestle internationally and make a name for myself. I remember just before lock down, I was really just loving that part of the journey. I think sometimes people talk about it like it’s the horrible bit, but I mean, maybe it just gets better. I don’t know. For me, I’ve really been enjoying just – like, I did seven shows in a row. I did the All Star, which is throughout the half term, our school holidays here. I had shows either side of the weekend, different shows. I actually traveled for an entire week, I got to wrestle every single day. That’s my dream. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Of course, would I’d love to be on a big stage one day? Absolutely. But, I’m loving this part of the journey. And, that’s kind of what they said, was just enjoy this and get that experience.

We’ll have to see if Mariah May finds we way back to WWE. The pro wrestling world is opening up even more which could provide her with several golden opportunities along the way. She might just end up inking a deal elsewhere in the process.

Felix Upton

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