AEW Dynamite isn’t live every week. They sometimes tape shows where the only audience members are pro wrestlers around the ring. That gives them a luxury that they didn’t enjoy prior to the pandemic.

While speaking to Wrestling Observer Radio, Chris Jericho discussed re-taping spots after botching their first attempt. Le Champion admitted that there were times when they needed more than one re-take. It’s something it promised himself he would never do, but now he is taking advantage of the opportunity to get things right.

“We worked with Top Flight, me and MJF against Top Flight, and I was gonna put one guy in the Walls and the other guy that jumps over me sunset flips over me where I catapult the other brother to where he’s on MJF who’s on the floor. When we tried this thing it f*cked up so bad, we tried it again that it f*cked up even worse the second that we had to try it a third time. I was like, ‘I would never do this, but why not take advantage of it?’ It’s a taped show.”

“I remember with The Acclaimed there was one part where Anthony Bowens was going to give me a move and I was seeing it completely different from what he was doing and after three complete botches I said, ‘okay, stop. What am I supposed to do? How does this move work?’ And we’re having a conversation like gentlemen in the ring. He explains it and I go, ‘Okay, 3,2,1 do it!’ and no one knows the difference because it’s a taped show!”

“It took a long time to get that in your head because as wrestlers it’s like, a botch, it’s only a botch if you let them know it’s a botch, brother. Hey, it’s a botch. When you have a taped show now, I edit our matches every week and promos now too, because if you can make it perfect, then why not do that?!”

There will come a time when they can’t edit out botches. In the meantime, they are making sure that everything is spot on.

AEW’s taped shows are edited down to avoid those botches and crowd noises are also added to create the illusion of a packed Daily’s Place. There will be no illusion needed next week as they have already sold a ton of tickets for Blood & Guts.

Transcription by Ringside News

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