AEW will finally debut the Blood & Guts match next week on Dynamite. Plenty of fans are expecting buckets of blood on TNT, and they just might get it. Chris Jericho also wants to tell the best story possible with this spotlight gimmick match.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Chris Jericho was asked whether AEW gave them any limitations when it comes to how far they can go in the Blood & Guts match. He said that you won’t see 10 guys going “coast to coast” in the match.

This idea was brewing for a while, and they’ve spilled blood in the feud already. The Blood & Guts match won’t be the final time those two factions collide, so it’s more about the intensity and the story they tell.

“Obviously, I mean we’ve seen a lot of gimmick matches, violent matches. I mean what could we do that Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa didn’t do you know, three weeks ago? I’m smarter than that. You guys know me, man. You know how I think and how I am. Just because it’s called Blood & Guts doesn’t mean there’s gonna be 10 guys going coast to coast [cutting themselves on the forehead], brother!”

“That’s not going to be the case, because that’s not going to do anything for you. I think what it is we are doing is putting these 10 guys in this cage, you know when they beat me up I was bleeding. When we beat them up, Dax wasn’t supposed to bleed! If you watch it, I just hit him, I grabbed a picture off the wall and hit him and I hit Max over the back with it and I just kinda hit Dax when he was walking away and a splinter just caught him and now he’s suddenly bleeding all over the place.”

“We’ve seen blood before in this feud. I think it’s more about intensity and the story we tell and how the match ends. I’m sure there will be some blood. There won’t be any guts. I don’t want to disappoint anybody, but nobody’s getting Harry Caray with a Samurai sword where you see entrails or anything like that.”

Jericho also said that the structure for Blood & Guts will be different from anything else we’ve seen so far as well. It appears by early promo art that it will be a mixture of Hell in a Cell and WarGames.

Blood & Guts is a highly anticipated match because they booked it last year with The Elite vs The Inner Circle, but the pandemic caused them to call that match off. Now we are one year removed from that event, but we’re still in Daily’s Place.

Transcription by Ringside News

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