Owen Hart tragically passed away far before he should have, and negligence during a stunt at WWE Over The Edge was to blame. Decades later, Owen’s brother Bret Hart can speak for his late brother. He also has a lot to say.

While talking to The 81 Podcast, Bret Hart discussed how WWE treated their stars who were connected with him. He claimed that the company treated his allies poorly after the Montreal Screwjob. That included his brother, Owen Hart, and the booking he received.

Hart feels as though Owen was “tarred and feathered” when Triple H called him “a nugget.” The joke was that Owen was a piece of poo that wouldn’t flush down the toilet. That became a running theme as fans chanted “nugget” at Owen.

“You know, Owen, he got tarred and feathered a little bit when they had Triple H call him ‘the nugget’ and all that sh*t that they were doing with him. And I know that bothered Owen and I know he felt he couldn’t do anything about it… That lasted for a while and I think, maybe, right up until Owen died, even that they were trying to screw with him all the time. But I think after a period of time, especially after Owen died, I think they were like, let’s get on a better road and try to be a better company, maybe. It’s hard to say, I wasn’t there.”

We’ll never know how pro wrestling history would have been different if Bret Hart handled his WWE exit differently. He didn’t want to lose in Canada at Survivor Series, which was understandable. They still couldn’t make something work that didn’t leave a bad taste in the mouths of so many around the pro wrestling business.

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