The Undertaker was on the Joe Rogan Experience and he dropped a very controversial observation. He implied that this generation of pro wrestlers aren’t as tough as the previous. He compared the act of playing with knives and guns in the old days to playing video games today. A lot of people commented on this opinion.

The Deadman heard the controversy about his statements, and he’s finally addressing them. While speaking with Sports Illustrated, Taker explained that he wasn’t bashing anybody, because their talent is extraordinary. He was simply making a point to say that it was such a different time back in the day.

“I wasn’t bashing our talent. Our talent is extraordinary. What they’re physically able to do, I couldn’t imagine doing that back in the day. I have a lot of respect for our roster, but I came from a different time period. My point was it was tough back then. I remember when Triple H first came in, and he was shocked that I had black electrical tape on my boots.”

“It was just a different time. We didn’t even have trainers on the road. If you had torn gear, you either wore it torn or you tried to fix it yourself. I’m so proud to be part of the evolution of our business. The industry has come so far. It’s a sign of the success and how far we’ve come.”

The pro wrestling business is a lot different now than it was before. There are many aspects of the business, especially kayfabe that have been replaced with brand new practices.

The Undertaker had his final match at WrestleMania 36 and he is retired. His Final Farewell at Survivor Series marked the end of a very long career and he saw many eras in the business during that time. That doesn’t make today’s generation any less worthy.

Felix Upton

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