Marty Jannetty is known for his off the wall social media posts, but this time he has good news to report. An operation that he was unable to get has been successful done. Now he has to wait for a second surgery.

Jannetty was very open about his ankle issues. He needed an operation completed, but he couldn’t afford it. His lifestyle also made people like DDP stay away from helping him.

The former Rocker logged onto Facebook and he had some very good ideas to share. He had his first surgery, and it was a success. Now he must wait for his second surgery when the first one heals.

ALL IS GOOD IN DA HOOD AND HOLLY WOOD IF SHE COULD!!It’s possibly my best Thanksgiving ever..hurts a little today but reconstructive ankle surgery was successful..4 more months and we get the other one..Thank you so much Dr Lee Mac!!Only thing tho’ The SwagStar immediately took my crutches & wheelchair as his own..and the WagStar took my mink-chinchilla skin loofah as his new imitation glass condo second floor crash pad..BUT..We all 3 are wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!! Did ya hurrrrrd us?? Loves y’all all!!


Marty Jannetty made headlines in recent memory when he admitted to committing murder when he was a kid. He later said this was for a pro wrestling angle, but then he admitted that he had to say that so the police would get off his back. He then proceeded to implicate his cousin for helping him burn the body.

ALL IS GOOD IN DA HOOD AND HOLLY WOOD IF SHE COULD!! It's possibly my best Thanksgiving ever..hurts a little today but…

Posted by Marty Jannetty on Thursday, November 26, 2020
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