There are a lot of stories from backstage in WWE, but the company doesn’t want those coming out. In fact, they made sure of that with a contract clause.

During The ARN Show, he explained that WWE made him sign a contract that had a clause barring him from writing any “tell-all” book. He simply isn’t legally allowed to because the non-disclosure agreement in his contract won’t allow him.

Since Arn Anderson can’t write a book where he pulls no punches, he’s simply not going to write one.

“Believe it or not, if I was going to write it I would have to tell the truth and most of it would be about the 20 years of being a lead producer for WWE,” Anderson said. “I would have to tell the truth about a lot of stuff, I signed a no-compete clause when I was there and one of the paragraphs in there was ‘You will not write a tell-all book or anything like that.’ That was part of the conditions where they pay you after a while. I don’t think I can and if I was going to do it, I’d want to tell the truth.”


It makes us wonder what kind of stories Arn Anderson has about Vince McMahon’s company that they want to keep out of the public. There are any number of guesses that could be thrown out there, but he was certainly with the company for long enough to accumulate a number of experiences.

Fortunately, tell-all podcasts seem to be a loophole in that contract clause.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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