WWE produced just under nine hours of programming for television in the past seven days, and it’s hard to remember one shot at AEW. On the other hand, Dynamite included a few shots at Vince McMahon’s company in their two-hour program, and that’s not even counting all the one-liners in Being The Elite and Dark. This is noticed by a lot of people, but it might not be the best look now.

During a recent Reffin Rant, Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas recently spoke about AEW’s tendency to throw WWE under the bus. He said some of the merchandise is clever, like Paul Wight’s new “No More B.S.” t-shirt, but the constant shots are not needed anymore.

“I also liked his t-shirt. It made sense. Like, no more B.S. — No more Big Show. Or FTR, for example, with their formerly The Revival or F The Revival. Merchandise draws in money, it’s subtle little stuff. But, what The Young Bucks said in their promo with Jericho where he’d be ‘curtain jerking at the Performance Center,’ that kind of stuff is unnecessary for them now. They have already proven that they are here and they are staying. It just comes off as petty and it comes off as ‘look, we gotta take our shots for no reason whatsoever.'”

WWE has counterprogrammed AEW on several occasions, but that’s just how the business is played. They aren’t writing lines into their scripts to take blatant shots at AEW, even though it might be very interesting to hear someone take a shot at the exploding barbed wire idea on SmackDown tonight.


AEW will likely continue to take shots at WWE because that’s how they’re going about things. It has worked out for them so far.

Felix Upton

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