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It’s only been a week since Elimination Chamber and that means tonight we get the fallout. Edge spoke loud and clear when he appeared after Roman Reigns retained the Universal Championship over Daniel Bryan, spearing the tribal chief and pointing to the WrestleMania sign. Reigns will likely be furious tonight and send Jey after the Rated R Superstar.

Speaking of choosing WrestleMania opponents, WWE has anounced that Bianca Belair will make her decision tonight as to who she is facing at the show of shows. It seems almost certain she will be facing Sasha Banks, seeing as they’ve been teaming-up and teasing a feud for the past few weeks. Let us know if you’re happy with that or you’d rather see Belair take on Asuka.


WWE has announced two matches ahead of tonight’s SmackDown, with The Street Profits facing Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin, while Rey & Dominik Mysterio will take on Chad Gable & Otis. It seems WWE is teasing a heel turn for Otis and Gable, so we could see more of that tonight. And that’s all we know about the show. So let us know your thoughts and opinions below, and enjoy the show!


This week’s show opens with a look back at Elimination Chamber, where Daniel Bryan won the namesake match to earn a shot at Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Roman defeated Bryan rather quickly but Edge Speared Reigns shortly thereafter to stake his claim for a WrestleMania showdown.

Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring and the tribal chief does not look pleased. Roman waits out a “you suck” chant, then says it’s no secret that SmackDown needs him. The same thing can be said of the Elimination Chamber PPV and he answered the call. That’s what the tribal chief does, he saves the WWE over and over. He did what he said he would do and destroyed Daniel Bryan. Roman calls it the “most exciting ass-whooping of the year, maybe the decade.” Roman continues that anyone else in his position would be bragging or celebrating but not him, he’s above that. He operates at a higher level and nobody gets it.

Roman says he’s perfect, but Sunday night wasn’t because of Edge. He admits that Edge got one up on him. Speared him on his night and then he pointed at the sign and made it official: Roman Reigns Vs. Edge in the main event of WrestleMania. He warns Edge right now that he doesn’t want or need that match. So he’s going to give Edge another chance to back out and save himself. Go home to his beautiful family because he doesn’t want to hurt him. He says he appreciates what Edge is all above, he’s a father and his story is incredible. So he doesn’t want to hurt him and a man like Edge doesn’t stand a chance against a man like him.

Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring wearing a flannel shirt and jeans. Bryan says Roman described his title defence as nearly perfect and he agrees completely. Bryan sarcastically says Roman is amazing and magnanimous for defending his title against someone who just survived the Elimination Chamber. He then says some people say what Roman did was cowardly. A man like that isn’t a Champion. But that’s not what he said, he’s just addressing rumours. However he really wasn’t expecting the head of the table to have to defend his title in the second match of the show. He figured the chief would be the main event.

Bryan says he was there for Roman’s first match in WWE and he always knew he was special. Well he can make things right and set the record straight, prove everyone that he is the best, by defending his Universal Championship against him one more time at Fastlane. Jey Uso snatches the microphone from Bryan and asks why he’s out here making excuses. Jey says Bryan needs to go to the back of the line if he wants to be anywhere near the head of the table. Uso tells him to get gone before he gets got. Roman then gets in Bryan’s face and asks if he really wants him to hurt him again. Before Bryan can speak Jey Uso attacks him and tosses him out of the ring. Jey then throws Bryan over the barricade and Roman watches on laughing.

Later tonight, Bianca Belair will make her WrestleMania decision, Street Profits face Zayn & Corbin, and Otis & Gable will team-up to take on Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are talking in the GM’s room and Edge walks in and says he needs to talk.

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Roman Reigns is backstage and he hands Heyman his title and tells him to leave them alone. Jey apologises for jumping the gun but Roman tells him it’s OK, he just needs to get the job done.

Edge is with Pearce and Deville and he isn’t happy. Edge says last he heard he would be teaming with Daniel Bryan to take on Jey Uso and Roman Reigns but now it’s a singles match that could upend his WrestleMania decision. Pearce says the match just fell in their lap and Edge knows as well as he does that a title match is a bigger draw. Edge walks out.

Otis and Chad Gable come to the ring and we see a replay from last week where Otis crushed Rey Mysterio with splashes multiple times. Otis laughs as Rey stares at him from the ring with taped ribs.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio Vs. Chad Gable & Otis

Rey starts against Otis and slides through his legs but the big man clobbers him with a body attack. Otis hits a running elbow drop and sneers at Rey before lifting him up and throwing him across the ring. Rey backs into the corner and Otis hits a running shoulder tackle, then repeated tackles until Gable makes him stop and tag out. Gable hits a gutbuster, continuing to target the ribs, and puts Rey in the corner. Mysterio kicks Chad back and avoids fireman’s carry before connecting with an enziguiri and tagging his son.

Dominik comes in hot with a clothesline and a wheelbarrow fling that sends Chad head-first into the turnbuckle. Dominik hits a tornado DDT for a two-count, then tags Rey for a double-team powerbomb/senton. Rey knocks Otis off the apron, then he and Dominik hit stereo 619’s to Chad. Rey goes up top and hits a frog splash but Otis breaks the pin attempt. Dominik rushes in but Otis drops him with a right hand, then the referee forces him out of the ring. Otis tags himself in and Rey springboards at him but gets caught and slammed. Otis ribs Rey’s kinesio tape off, heads up top, and hits a splash for the win.

Winners: Otis & Chad Gable

It’s been made official that Jey Uso will face Daniel Bryan tonight. If Bryan can win, he will get a Universal Championship shot at WWE Fastlane.

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Apollo Crews comes to the ring and he holds up a green and white scarf and carefully places it over his neck. He says a lot of people have been wondering what’s going on with him lately but nobody knows him. For far too long he’s been nice, humble, and respectful but he never received that in return. He’s not from the hood or suburbia, he’s from Nigeria, a real African American. His ancestors are royalty and controlled some of the richest lands. His uncle was a King who spent his days draped in gold and his nights with his five wives. His word was law and that’s what he is striving for. He’s wearing the colours of Nigeria that represent wealth, dominance, and power. Last week Big E found that out first-hand. Big E told him to go back to catering but instead he went back to his roots. Apollo speaks in a Nigerian accent and says he showed his opponent steel, and tonight Nakamura gets the same.

Nakamura interrupts Crews and comes down to the ring. As Shinsuke is posing by the ropes Apollo attacks him. Crews tosses Nakamura out of the ring and into the steel steps, then lifts the steps up but the referee stands in his way.

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Apollo Crews Vs. Shinsuke Nakamaura

We’re back live and the match is already underway with Apollo beating Shinsuke down in the corner. Crews hits a lariat, then Irish whips Nakamura hard into the buckles. Crews lifts Nakamura and hits a snap suplex for a two-count. Crews takes a headlock but Shinsuke elbows himself free and tries to run but gets caught with a German suplex – I think Shinsuke was supposed to land on his feet but he landed face-first. Nakamura drops Apollo with a few kicks and drapes him over the top rope and kicks his head. Shinsuke follows-up with a running knee for a near-fall.

Nakamura grabs a submission but Apollo elbows him and lands three German suplexes for a near-fall. Nakamura counters Apollo and hits a side kick, then hangs him in the ropes before connecting with a sliding German suplex. Nakamura goes to the corner for the Kinsasha but Apollo rolls from the ring. Nakamura chases after but gets slammed into the steel steps. Crews puts him back in the ring and lifts him up but Nakamura drops down the back and grabs a sleeper. Apollo goes to the corner and grabs his scarf, using it to slingshot Nakamura into the buckles. Crews hits an Angle Slam for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Roman is sitting backstage when Heyman comes in and tells him that if Bryan wins tonight he gets a Universal Championship shot at Fastlane. Heyman reiterates the “if Bryan can win.”

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Liv Morgan W/Ruby Riott Vs. Tamina W/Natalya

We’re back live and this random match is already underway. Tamina backs Liv into the corner but Morgan kicks her back. Morgan rallies and lands some rights hands followed by a headscissors to send Tamina into the buckles. Liv runs but Tamina drops her with a stiff big boot. Tamina snaps at Ruby on the floor before backing Liv into the corner and slamming her head into the buckles repeatedly. Tamina hits a running hip attack for a near-fall.

Liv tries to make a comeback but Tamina clobbers her with a back elbow. Tamina lands a suplex for a near-fall and she’s beginning to look frustrated. Morgan rallies and lands an enziguiri, then dodges a running Tamina and dropkicks her into the corner. Liv lands some right hands, then kicks Tamina back before hitting a missile dropkick for a two-count. Tamina catches Liv and hits a Samoan drop, then screams at her. Tamina lifts Liv and hits a spinning sidewalk slam for the win.

Winner: Tamina

Bianca Belair is shown walking backstage. She’ll make her WrestleMania opponent decision after the break.

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Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are in the ring and they welcome the 2021 Royal Rumble winner, the Est. of WWE, Bianca Belair. After coming to the ring, Belair says it’s been exactly three weeks and five days since she won the Royal Rumble and it changed her life. Deville asks her who she will be choosing as her WrestleMania opponent and we see quick video packages for both Sasha Banks and Asuka. Belair says she knows everyone has waited patiently and her momma always told her life is about decisions. Your choices define who you are and she has made hers.

Before she can make her decision Reginald comes out. Reggie says she is right, this choice will define her career and life. Last week she saw how good Sasha Banks is and what makes her tick. She was elevated by The Boss. We all know how hard Bianca worked to get here, she’s special, but he knows if she chooses Sasha Banks her dream will dissolve into a nightmare. And when she is staring up at the lights at WrestleMania, she will hear her momma’s words about not making bad decisions. Belair turns on Reggie with her hair but Sasha Banks’ music this and she makes her way to the ring.

Banks stands beside Reggie and tells him to never speak for her. Banks says enough of the waiting, she is more than a Champion, she is the standard. So if Bianca wants to make history and be in the conversation, she’ll choose her. Banks says she calls herself the Est. of WWE, but that’s not true because she’s number one and that makes Belair second. Banks holds her title up and Belair says Sasha has a lot to say and she’s going to make her eat her words on the grandest stage of them all. Bianca points to the WrestleMania sign and says it’s on.

Baron Corbin is warming-up backstage when Sami Zayn and his cameramen get in his face. Zayn asks him how he feels about the conspiracy against him and Corbin asks why they’re teaming-up tonight. Zayn says he asked for that match because they have obvious chemistry and he needs a win right now. Zayn says with his strategic ability and Corbin’s power they can become Tag Team Champions. Zayn spitballs some names for their team and Corbin tells him to stop. Corbin admits that they could be a dominant team but that Sami better not tell him what to do. Corbin tells Zayn to be more professional.

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The Street Profits Vs. Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin

We start proceedings with Montez Ford and Sami Zayn, and Montez forces Sami to the corner with a lock-up. The referee separates them and Zayn takes advantage to kick him, then whip Ford to the corner but Montez jumps over Zayn and backflips across the ring. Sami runs into an arm-drag and Montez tags Dawkins, who asks for Corbin and Sami happily tags out.

The two big men lock-up and Dawkins tags a headlock but gets shot off and shoulder tackles Corbin, who just falls into the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle of his own. Dawkins dodges Corbin and hits a dropkick, then takes a wristlock as Zayn directs his cameramen to get closer to the action. Corbin attempts the out-and-in clothesline but Zayn’s cameramen are in the way. Corbin yells at them and gets on the apron but the Profits hit Poetry In Motion to knock him off.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Corbin and Zayn are beating on Ford using quick tags. Zayn is legal and he grabs Montez by the ankle but Ford dives to make a tag. Dawkins comes in with clotheslines and a spinning back elbow to Zayn, followed by a spinning splash in the corner and a bulldog for a near-fall. Corbin runs in but Dawkins tosses him over the ropes to the floor. Zayn hits a DDT for a near-fall and suddenly Corbin is arguing with the cameramen on the floor and ends-up punching one. Zayn shouts at Corbin from the ring but Montez dives over him onto Corbin on the floor, then Dawkins hits Zayn with a spinning neckbreaker. Ford tags in and hits a springboard frog splash for the win.

Winners: The Street Profits

Kayla Braxton interviews Daniel Bryan backstage and asks about the prospect of facing Edge at WrestleMania. Bryan says that’s a long ways away because he has to beat Jey Uso tonight, then Roman Reigns at Fastlane, but he thinks his chances are really good. He says he has nothing but respect for Edge but he’s taken a lot of time off and he might be rusty. He’s always been honest with Edge and he doesn’t think he has what it takes. Edge appears and passive-aggressively asks Bryan why he thinks he can easily beat Roman. Edge then asks Bryan who would win if they faced-off at WrestleMania and Bryan says he’ll keep that answer to himself.

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Seth Rollins comes to the ring wearing a white suit. He says he is here to share some incredible news: the letter he wrote last week to complain to WWE management got a big response on social media. Cesaro’s music hits and out comes the Swiss Superman wearing just a pair of jeans and he means business. Rollins makes him back off and says they go back a long way, so just give him a chance to make things right. What happened two weeks ago was an accident and last week he didn’t call him a loser.

Rollins says Cesaro is a star and he can grab the brass ring or crack the glass ceiling anytime he likes. The strongest person, pound-for-pound, and most technically gifted athlete to ever step foot in a WWE ring. Rollins then asks, with that in mind, why does Cesaro always come up short? What is he missing? He knows. He has it. It’s killer instinct. He has it and he can give it to Cesaro. He wants to lead SmackDown into the future and he will start with Cesaro. Seth has shattered the glass ceiling and done everything there is to do, and he can teach Cesaro how. They can be unstoppable.

Seth says if Cesaro has listened to him last week he’d be standing here Universal Champion right now. He tells him to embrace the vision and let him lead. Cesaro grabs Rollins by the leg and gives him The Swing for well over a minute before releasing and sending him across the ring. Rollins can barely stand but Cesaro drops him with a European uppercut.

*Commercial Break*

Daniel Bryan Vs. Jey Uso

The match gets underway and Jey attacks Bryan, batterng him with forearms in the corner. Bryan whips Jey to the ropes but gets dropped with a shoulder. Bryan then catches Jey with an arm-drag, then backs him into the corner and drills him with European uppercuts. Bryan knocks Jey across the ring, then hits a running dropkick followed by the Yes Kicks until the referee makes him back off. Bryan lifts Jey onto the top rope and climbs up for a hurricanrana and a near-fall.

Bryan starts targeting Jey’s left arm and stomps it at the elbow but Jey rolls outside. Bryan waits for Jey to get in position, then runs for a suicide dive but gets caught with a superkick. Jey drags Bryan outside and lifts him up to drop him knee-first on the announce desk. Jey then lifts Bryan again and runs him knee-first into the ring post. Bryan is in trouble as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Jey is in control and targeting Bryan’s leg. Jey hits a DDT to the leg and Bryan tries to lock in the Yes Lock but Jey punches the leg over and over to get away. Bryan tries to get up using the ropes and hits Jey with a few uppercuts but Uso catches Bryan with a Samoan drop for a near-fall. Jey goes to the top rope and jumps for the Uso Splash but D-Bry rolls out of the way. Bryan lands the Yes Kicks before tossing Jey over the ropes to the floor. Bryan follows-up with a dropkick through the ropes, then goes to the apron and leaps off with a flying knee.

Bryan punches his own knee a few times to get the feeling back, then gets Jey back in the ring. Bryan leaps from the top rope but Jey avoids him and he lands on the leg, then Uso shoves Bryan into the corner and stomps on the back of his leg. Uso takes Bryan down and applies a single leg Boston crab and Bryan crawls for the ropes but Jey drags him back to the middle of the ring. Bryan turns over and kicks Uso but Jey holds on and sits back down. Bryan turns over and again and kicks Jey senseless. Bryan hits a kick to the head for a near-fall, then goes to the corner and pumps up for the running knee but Bryan hits a football tackle to the knee!

Jey hits a superkick to the face for a near-fall and he’s getting angry. Uso heads to the top rope and takes his time. Bryan hits Jey on the top rope, then climbs up with him to hit a double-arm superplex and transitions into the LeBell Lock but Jey fights it and grabs the ropes. Uso rolls outside and Bryan goes right after him only to get whipped into the steel steps. Uso lifts Bryan and drops his knee on the steps again and the refeee counts to 10!,

Double Count-Out

Jey puts Daniel back in the ring and looks to hit him but gets caught in the Yes Lock and is about to tap when Roman attacks! Roman beats Bryan down before turning his attention to Jey and berating him. Bryan then catches Roman in the Yes Lock but Jey quickly kicks Bryan off. Roman is furious and hits Bryan with a Spear, then applies the guillotine. Roman chokes Bryan out and that brings SmackDown to a close.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to come back tomorrow for all things wrestling. Until then, stay safe!

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