Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik are both set to be in the 2021 Royal Rumble match. One would assume that Rey would save his son throughout that match, but they would be mistaken.

We previously reported that Rey Mysterio hinted that he might turn on his son during the Royal Rumble. He’s not looking to stab his son in the back, but he’s also not going to save him all night.

Forbes recently spoke to Rey Mysterio about the Royal Rumble match and the situation he is poised to be in with his son. Rey loves Dominik, and he wants him to succeed, but he’s only giving him one pass during the match.

“I’d definitely love to see Dominik win his first Royal Rumble, without a doubt. I think as a father I would definitely love to see my son succeed. But I’ll give him one pass. If he’s on the verge of being thrown out, I’ll save him once but I won’t save him twice.”

We’ll have to see if Rey Mysterio sticks to that promise. It might be hard for Mysterio to see his son nearly eliminated and not save him. That could also add an extra element to the chaos that the Royal Rumble is sure to bring.

Steve Carrier

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