The Godfather was WWE’s pimp character, and something that would not fly today. He gets a pass now because he is a WWE Hall of Famer. There was a time when the Pimp Daddy rolling fatties was too hot for TV.

Scheduled for Two Falls recently spoke to The Godfather, and he discussed his WWE career in-depth. He revealed the backstage pull to get his gimmick off television, and it came right from the USA Network.

Vince McMahon tried to fight for the gimmick, but they eventually had to kill it. He did have a good run pimping all around the world.

“Talk about me not smiling no more. He just killed my high bro. Vince was taking a lot of heat man. Now he was going from cable to Network. Now they’ve gone public and he’s answering to big companies and they’re taking a look at what we’re doing. They’re like ‘what’s this… Puppies, DX Suck it, Val Venis porn star’ and they said ;and my god, who is this Godfather character?!’ So Vince would tell me everyday “Charles, I’m fighting for you, I’m fighting for you.”

“They wanted me off the air. It got to where I couldn’t be on Saturday mornings. I couldn’t be on Sunday mornings. I couldn’t be on before 11pm. I couldn’t. I couldn’t. I couldn’t. It just became crazy. I couldn’t say ‘roll a fattie.’ I couldn’t call them hoes. I couldn’t call myself a pimp. I couldn’t say smoke weed. It got stupid. So Vince said we’re going to poke fun at these guys and we’re going to put you in the RTC. So I just remember talking to him saying “…….. what? So I don’t have any more hoes? Are the hoes going to be back next week?’ ‘No, no more hoes.’ And at that point I hated it, I did the best job I could do but I hated it. I hated every minute of it. It took me from being, and I know it was a work, but the Godfather was a shoot.”

Pulling The Godfather led to the Right To Censor faction, a time in The Godfather’s career that made him hate wrestling. He did eventually come back for cameos, but The Godfather’s gimmick was greatly toned down. It seems that not everyone was ready to get aboard the hoe train.

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