WWE has tried a few stables that didn’t work out. Right To Censor is one that they never bring up, and there is a reason for that.

The Right To Censor stable, led by Stevie Richards, consisted of Bull Buchanan, The Godfather, Val Venis, Ivory, and The Kat. They were tired of al the filth in WWE and planned to put a stop to the Attitude Era’s TV-14 madness

Scheduled for Two Falls recently spoke to the Godfather where he brought up several things about his WWE career. He also revealed that the company planned a return of Papa Shango that they eventually nixed.

When it comes to his time in Right To Censor, The Godfather really didn’t enjoy it. Playing a part in the PC Police just wasn’t the right role for a former pimp. In fact, it was the only time in his career when he hated wrestling.

“I went from being a nice person back to that biker person and then it just came to the point where they were saying you need to leave. And then I remember telling Taker I’m outta here. I can’t do this sh*t anymore. Then SOMEHOW it got to Vince, so he dropped the straps on us and I’m a business man, so I’m not going to leave and I was there even longer with them damn straps, but yeah I hated it. It wasn’t fun anymore and like I said if it’s not fun then I’m out of here. That was the only time I hated wrestling. Well, not wrestling, but I hated what I was doing.”

Right To Censor soon went away as WrestleMania 17 was the end of the stable. The faction still picked up a Women’s Title for Ivory and the WWE Tag Team Titles for Buchanan and Godfather as well, but The Pimp Daddy wasn’t happy at all.

The Godfather is now a WWE Hall of Famer, but those days in Right To Censor are not ones he treasures on his highlight reel.

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