The Undertaker has taken a lot of punishment throughout his career in pro wrestling. This caused him some lasting injuries that he has to this day. Rey Mysterio is to blame for one of those that he must deal with, but it wasn’t Mr. 6-1-9’s fault.

Taker revealed his his first eye socket was busted by Mabel, who was gassed and botched a clothesline. Rey Mysterio caused his second eye injury.

While speaking to the Joe Rogan Experience, The Undertaker revealed that a freak accident in the ring caused him to have double vision for the rest of his life.

“It was a freak accident with Rey Mysterio because he’s so tiny. He just jumped off the top — I should know the move, but I don’t– I broke my nose, I set it, too.”

“So that was me grabbing it. I was straightening my nose out. So I grabbed my nose right away and I could feel that it was way over to the side, so I squeezed it back straight, but there was three of them.”

“That one was just way back in the cone, it wasn’t as severe as the first one, but after the second one, it left me with double-vision. Like if I try to look peripherally, you become opaque. I see two, like I see two lights when I look like that, to this day and it’s been over ten years.”

The Undertaker said it was just the way the nerve was pressed when his nose was broken, and “it hasn’t rewired itself.” He said it can cause some huge issues when parallel parking his car. That issue also caused him some issues in the ring. Even though he is retired, that issue hasn’t gone away.

Transcription by Ringside News

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