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With only two episodes left before the 2021 Royal Rumble, SmackDown looks to continue their trend of great shows, and two segments have been announced for tonight’s show. Let’s take a look at the card.

First up, Bayley and Bianca Belair will face off in an Obstacle Course Challenge. Bayley and Belair have been at each other’s throats for a few weeks, and their feud will continue to escalate in tonight’s challenge as Bayley looks to prove that she is the superior athlete to the EST of WWE.

Also, Intercontinental Champion Big E will defend his championship again against Apollo Crews. Crews nearly scored the surprise pinfall victory on Big E a few weeks ago, but was very unhappy when the match was declared a draw. Crews looks to rectify what happened to him two weeks ago and capture his second singles title in as many years tonight.

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Opening Segment

We see a recap of both Adam Pearce “winning” the Gauntlet Match from two weeks ago and we see Paul Heyman getting Pearce to sign a No Disqualification Match followed by Kevin Owens inserting himself in the match in Pearce’s place.

This week, the show opens with Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his special counsel Paul Heyman coming down to the ring. Reigns tells us that Owens wants to deliver a message tonight, but we won’t see Owens tonight because Reigns says so.

Reigns moves on to the “Card subject to change” move from last week. Reigns says that it was clever, but the “Carb subject to change” mentality is for losers and people who do not show up.

Roman talks about how he doesn’t miss appearances and it took a global pandemic to sideline him. He starts talking about how he also hurts all over but doesn’t miss appearances. He says that his back hurts because he carries the company.

Pearce comes out and says that Roman and Heyman are taking things too far. He gets in the ring. Pearce says that things are getting out of control, but Roman says that Pearce’s favoritism towards Owens is what’s really out of control.

He says that what really makes him upset is the fact that Pearce complains about his health when he hasn’t wrestled in 5 or 6 years. Roman says that there’s a reason that Pearce never go to the WWE and Heyman starts to laugh.

Pearce tries to say that he won’t take things from Heyman, but Roman says that if Pearce is disrespecting Heyman, he’s disrespecting Roman. Roman gives Heyman the mic and Heyman rips into Pearce and says that he would “whoop your ass” to Pearce.

Heyman challenges Pearce to a one on one match between the two of them for the main event. Pearce shakes Heyman’s hand and seems to accept the challenge. Reigns steps up to Pearce and says, “At the end of the night, you’re going to get your ass kicked.”

We are reminded of the upcoming Intercontinental Title Match later tonight and that Charlotte Flair and Asuka will face the Riott Squad next. However, while Michael Cole and Corey Graves are running down tonight’s card, Cole gets distracted by something going on on the entrance ramp.

Sami Zayn has come down with his documentary crew. He handcuffs himself to the barricade at ringside, seemingly in protest of something, and we head to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from commercial break and Sami Zayn is cutting a promo from ringside saying how he will be entering the Royal Rumble. He complains about how he “accidentally” grabbed Apollo Crews’ tights last week and the ref stopped the count, but Crews got away with the very same thing and gets a title match for tonight.

Before he can say much more, Asuka’s music hits and the Women’s Tag Team Champions are making their way to the ring.

Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs. The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott w/Billie Kay)

Natalya and Tamina are shown backstage watching the match.

Ruby Riott and Charlotte Flair start the match. Flair takes Riott down with a headlock. Riott gets to her feet and Asuka tags in, then takes Riott down with a shoulder tackle.

Flair tags back in and tosses Riott’s face into the top turnbuckle, then shoves her boot against Riott’s face into the turnbuckle. Riott reaches for her corner and Flair taunts her.

Billie Kay momentarily distracts Flair, allowing Liv Morgan to tag in and hit Flair with a surprise dropkick. Morgan hits a flying cross body onto Charlotte from the top rope and covers her for a two count.

*Commercial Break*

Back from commercial, Flair stomps away at Morgan in the corner. Flair goes for a scoop slam, but Morgan escapes and hits a hurricanrana. Riott tags in and lays into Flair with left strikes, then drive Charlotte face first into the corner, pinning her for two.

Liv Morgan tags back in and and she and Riott hit a double slam on Flair. Morgan tags back in and they stomp away at Charlotte. Flair fights back and hits a fallaway slam on Morgan, then follows it up with a backbreaker.

Asuka tags in and hits a shining wizard on Morgan, pinning her. Riott breaks up the pin, but Charlotte takes out Riott. Morgan takes out Charlotte, then hits an enziguri on Asuka. Asuka goes for the Asuka lock, but Morgan maneuvers to her corner and tags out.

Asuka tries to roll Riott into a pin. Billie Kay gets on the apron and distract the ref. Riott rolls through and pins Asuka, likely for a three count, but the referee is distracted by Kay. Asuka escapes and fights back, then tags in Charlotte. Charlotte hits Riott with Natural Selection, pinning her for three.

Winners: Charlotte Flair and Asuka

We are told that Sasha Banks will be taking on Carmella’s Reginald in a match later tonight, and Michael Cole will be calling the Obstacle Course Challenge between Bayley and Bianca Belair later tonight.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage, Billie Kay tries to apologize for messing up their match. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan chastise Billie Kay. Kay says that she spoke to Sonia and she got them in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

Ruby Riott tells Billie Kay that the Riott Squad was better without her, and Liv Morgan apologizes to her as Morgan and Riott walk away.

Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring in a suit, not necessarily dressed for in-ring competition. Bryan hypes up the upcoming Royal Rumble match talks about how excited he is for the match.

Bryan says that he has never won a Royal Rumble match. Before he can say more, Cesaro comes out on the mic. Cesaro says that he thought he “beat some sense” into Bryan last week. Cesaro says that Bryan isn’t winning the Royal Rumble, because he himself will win the match.

Cesaro gets in the ring and Bryan says that he has been thinking about his loss to Cesaro all week. He challenges Cesaro to a rematch right now, but Cesaro denies him. Cesaro says that he is sick of having to prove himself to everyone, every week, doing the same thing all the time.

He calls for an open challenge, asking anyone who has declared for the Royal Rumble to come down and face him. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits, and Ziggler starts talking about how he has been in a lot of Royal Rumble matches and his stamina is high.

Ziggler runs down Bryan and says that Cesaro is one of the only people who can stand toe to toe with him, and he accepts the challenge, telling Bryan to get out of the ring. Cole confirms that Ziggler and Cesaro will have a match and we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler

The match is already underway and Daniel Bryan is on commentary for this match. Cesaro and Dolph trade pinfall attempts. Cesaro hits Ziggler with a huge uppercut in the corner and follows it up with a big swing. Cesaro pins Ziggler for two.

Ziggler and Cesaro trade pinfall attempts again, Ziggler goes for a superkick, but Cesaro blocks. Cesaro goes for an uppercut, but Ziggler blocks. Ziggler hits a Zigzag on Cesaro, pinning him for two.

Ziggler locks in a sleeper. Cesaro tries to escape with a suplex, but Dolph blocks. Dolph goes for a famouser, but Cesaro blocks and hits Dolph with a Neutralizer, pinning Dolph for three.

Winner: Cesaro

We see the confrontation between Carmella and Sasha last week, which led to Sasha facing Reginald tonight on the condition that Carmella will get a title match later.

Sasha Banks comes down to the ring for her match with Reginald, which will be right after a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Sahs Banks vs. Reginald (w/Carmella)

Reginald comes down to the ring wearing a suit, not necessarily dressed for in-ring competition.

The bell does ring with Reginald in the ring in fact. Reginald gives Sasha a rose from his jacket, then removes his jacket and places it at ringside.

He asks for a kiss on the cheek from Sasha. Sasha slaps him and hits an armdrag. Reginald flips through and lands on his feet. Sasha goes for a waistlock, but Reginald rolls out of the ring.

Reginald flips off the ring apron when Sasha runs at him. Sasha tries to toss him into the steps, but he jumps over the steps and lands on his feet. Sasha runs the ropes, but Reginald jumps and dodges her.

Sasha hits Reginald with a bulldog. She goes for a meteora in the corner, but Reginald dodges. Reginald goes for a power bomb, but Banks hits an arm drag. Banks hits Reginald with a knee to the head, then goes for a cross body off the top rope.

Reginald catches her, but Sasha hits another armdrag, sending him to the outside. Sasha hits a meteora on Reginald to the outside from the apron, then goes for the Bank Statement in the ring.

Reginald blocks, but Sasha takes him down with a headscissors and locks in the Bank Statement. Reginald taps out.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Backstage, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are talking about tonight’s main event. Roman says that Paul has to be in the match tonight. He needs to “be a man” and handle his business. Roman walks out of the room, leaving Heyman dumbfounded.

*Commercial Break*

Intercontinental Champion Big E vs. Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental Championship

Crews immediately runs at Big E and Big E catches him with a belly to belly suplex. Big E follows it up with a splash on Crews on the apron. Crews fights back and runs at Big E, then catches him with an enziguri and a big boot.

Crews hits Big E with a standing moonsault, pinning him for two. Crews hits a couple of German suplexes on Big E. Big E fights out before Crews can hit a third. Crews runs at Big E in the corner, and Big E blocks him and hits a ura nage, pinning Crews for two.

Crews rolls to the outside and Big E follows. Crews hits a moonsault off of the apron to Big E on the outside. Crews tosses Big E back into the ring and Crews goes to the top rope. Big E blocks Crews and gives chase.

Big E looks for a superplex, but Crews fights back. Crews hits Big E with headbutts from the top rope. We see that Sami Zayn has released himself from his handcuffs at ringside. Crews hits a splash on Crews, then goes and stands in the corner.

Zayn runs in and hits Crews with a Helluva Kick. Zayn then hits Big E with a Helluva Kick. Zayn yells at both of them and the bell rings.

Winner: Apollo Crews (via disqualification)

Michael Cole tells us that Roman Reigns has left the Thunderdome, and then tells us that Kevin Owens was not allowed in the building.

We cut to a promo filmed by Owens outside the Thunderdome. Owens says that he won’t go away and won’t stop fighting because Roman has never beaten him fair and square on his own.

Owens talks about how he fights for his family and wants to make them proud. He was inspired by his family’s fight with illness and that is why he keeps fighting. He says that he will be the Last Man Standing at the Royal Rumble.

*Commercial Break*

Back from commercial and we get a quick rundown of the superstars that have already declared themselves for the Royal Rumble.

The Street Profits are backstage and Angelo Dawkins is carrying a gift basket. They see Dolph Ziggler talking to Sonia Deville backstage. Ziggler walks away and the Street Profits walk up and say that they are giving Deville a gift basket.

They say that they want a rematch with Ziggler. Deville says that they deserve a rematch, but Montez Ford is still suffering from his ankle injury. She says that if Ford reinjures his ankle, then it hurts SmackDown, but they will get a rematch when Ford is at 100%.

We see a recap of Bayley’s Ding Dong, Hello! debut segment on SmackDown when she challenged Bianca Belair to an Obstacle Course Challenge.

The obstacle course is being set up in the arena, and Michael Cole has to step away to get ready to host it. We are told that the Obstacle Course Challenge is next.

*Commercial Break*

Back from commercial and Michael Cole introduces Bianca Belair and Bayley at the top of the ramp for their Obstacle Course Challenge.

Bayley takes the mic from Cole and sends him back to commentary. She runs down the course, saying it is a timed challenge. They have to flip a tire, run down to the ring, climb some walls, and then Chad Gable will be involved in some sort of fireman’s carry portion of the challenge. Then they have to put a basketball through the basket.

Baley goes first, and she very seems to be on a roll, but then she runs around the climbing walls. She picks up Chad Gable in a firmean’s carry and struggles to carry him, but she finishes the course in 1:12.

Bianca gets ready to star the course, but Bayley stops her. She asks them to “EST up the course” and some stagehands make changes, like larger hurdles.

Bianca runs the course very quickly. She gets to Chad Gable, but Chad is not the one she is carrying. Instead, she has to carry Otis. She does it, She then dunks the basketball, beating Bayley’s time by 17 seconds.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair is holding the basketball and she tosses it to Bayley. Bayley throws the ball at Belari and attacks her, finishinh the attack by throwing Belair shoulder first into the basketball post at ringside.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is hyping up Dominik, trying to give him advice for how to deal with Corbin. Dominik says that he’s got this. Rey says that they’ll do things Dominik’s way this time, but if Dominik loses, they’ll do things Rey’s way next.

*Commercial Break*

King Corbin vs. Dominik Mysterio

Dominik outspeeds Corbin, but Corbin is able to overpower Dominik. Dominik wheelbarrows Corbin out of the ring and goes to dive onto Corbin on the outside. Corbin dodges and takes Dominik out with a clothesline on the outside.

Corbin rolls Dominik back into the ring and pins him for two. Corbin chokes Dominik against the bottom rope, then punches away at Dominik’s midsection. Corbin whips Dominik hard into the corner, then goes for End of Days.

Dominik escapes and hits a dropkick on Corbin’s legs. Corbin lands on the middle rope and Dominik goes for a 619. Corbin blocks and hits Dominik with a right hand, then an End of Days, pinning him for the win.

Winner: King Corbin

Paul Heyman is shown walking backstage towards the ring as he gets ready for his match with Adam Pearce and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Adam Pearce is already in the ring. We see another recap of the contract signing between Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce.

Adam Pearce vs. Paul Heyman

As Heyman comes down the ring, he trips coming up the steel steps. He tries to climb up the steps, but his ankle gives out on him. Paul Heyman shouts at Pearce in the ring and says, “You know what they say: Card subject to change.”

Roman Reigns’ music hits, and Reigns comes down to the ring. Roman gets in the ring and hits Pearce with a Superman Punch immediately. Pearce rolls out of the ring.

Reigns follows and kicks with a lowblow, then tosses him over the barricade. Reigns then throws Pearce into one of the screens in the Thunderdome. He continues to beat up Pearce around the ring as a ref tries to stop him.

Reigns picks up Pearce and places him on the same level of the Thunder arena where Ownes was throw from weeks ago. Before Reigns can do any more damage, Owens runs through the arena and attacks Roman.

They brawl to the ring and Roman goes for a Superman Punch on Owens. Owens blocks it and counters it into a Stunner. Roman rolls out of the ring and Owens chases, but referees come down and separate the two of them.

Owens runs past the officials and hits Roman with another Stunner and a pop-up powerbomb on Roman, sending him through the announce table.

Owens then goes to the steel steps and takes off the top level of stairs, but the referees stop him. Owens walks over to Reigns and says, “You’re lucky these officials have your back,” as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s the show! What did you think of tonight’s show? What was the biggest surprise for you tonight? Let us know in the comments and check back on Monday night for our live coverage of Monday Night RAW!

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