WWE has seen a few writers pass through their creative team who are known elsewhere. Freddy Prinze Jr. was a high profile name to have around, but he was apparently just there to write promos for one person.

Lucha Libre Online recently spoke to Ricardo Rodriguez about his time in WWE. He was actually brought in for one appearance, but Vince McMahon liked him so much that he didn’t leave for five years.

He revealed that the nerves were really high during that debut. It was also disclosed that Freddy Prinze Jr. was in WWE “only for Alberto.” The fact that WWE brought in the She’s All That star just to write what he was about to say made Ricardo even more nervous about the situation.

“Well, at first, it’s like anything else, nerves, because you want to impress and you want everything to go well. You have Vince McMahon there. He was very behind everything that was happening with Alberto. He (Vince) had a lot of the ideas. Even back then, he had hired actor Freddie Prinze Jr to be the writer for all of Alberto’s promos. He was already there, but he was direct only for Alberto. So having him, Vince and everyone behind the project of what Alberto’s character was, it will obviously make you feel nervous. So you have to do it right. Especially since the role of Ricardo was only for one time. Nothing else but for Alberto’s debut. Just that. But Vince loved it a lot and that’s why I stayed. I stayed there for almost 5 years.”

Freddy Prinze Jr. had other duties in WWE, like teaching acting class. John Cena didn’t get along with him, and he called him Ashton Kutcher during his time with WWE.

It’s a good thing that WWE had Freddy Prinze Jr. around, because it seems like Alberto Del Rio’s character would have been very different without his input. Ricardo Rodriguez didn’t seem to have anything bad to say about him.

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