Tony Khan is the President of AEW, but it seems he isn’t very interested in having a prominent role on AEW television. Vince McMahon was heavily involved in major WWE storylines over the years and Eric Bischoff had a prominent role in the nWo during the heydays of WCW.

While speaking to Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Tony Khan revealed that he has no desire to be featured on AEW television unless Khan has to announce something very important.

Khan revealed that he made an exception during the Brodie Lee tribute show as Khan wanted to pay the highest respect to Lee. Khan added that he has no intention of having a role similar to that of a General Manager in AEW.

“No it’s not [something I’m interested in] and I came as close to doing it as I will. I made a big exception coming out [for the Brodie Lee Tribute Show] and I thought it was the right thing to do to be there on behalf of the company and everybody for how much Brody meant to us, and I wanted to pay the highest respect to him that I could, and Amanda and Brody and be there for them. But other than that I’ve never come out and done that in that role. Occasionally, because of the story with IMPACT and times where I think it makes sense, but I don’t want to do that. We have a limited amount of TV time and we have a great roster and a lot of other people are going to be featured and frankly the character of the General Manager doesn’t need to be featured on TV a lot. I am the General Manger of a Premier League team, you don’t see me on NBC very much. The job of the General Manager is not to be on TV a lot. There’s a time and a place, if there’s a statement that needs to be made, or you got to say something then you do, and in the case of AEW it’s announcing matches and Fulham can be announcing players or someone is coming in on loan or once every few years saying, ‘guys you need to do a better job’, but for me, the role of the General Manager, there isn’t a need for that person to be on TV consistently. It’s a device that you need and I think of myself more as a device.”


Tony Khan is currently busy managing everything that goes on in AEW and ensuring they deliver a solid wrestling product.

h/t to Inside The Ropes for the quotes.

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