Brodie Lee passed away right after Christmas last year, and losing such a huge force in pro wrestling still sends shockwaves through the industry.

Cody Rhodes was Brodie Lee’s final opponent, and the two had a match worth remembering. It was a historic event because it was not only AEW’s first dog collar match, but it also took place during Chris Jericho’s 30th Anniversary Celebration.

During Talk Is Jericho, Cody Rhodes revealed that he was worried about the dog collar match’s placement during the Jericho 30th Anniversary Celebration.

“I worry about the dog collar because it’s on Jericho 30,” Rhodes noted. “I never had to worry because we balance the show in such a way that it was given the true amount of time it needed to be given. It was given the seriousness it need to be given, and then Jericho 30 was also given all the bells and whistles.”


Everything came together well, and they were able to make things work. Cody also discussed the planning process with Brodie Lee, and he revealed that Lee was so good they could have done that dog collar match every night.

“Jerry Lynn helped put it together. Jerry Lynn’s wonderful. The night before, I’m putting the collar on the chain, and we’re pulling on each other. It’s like the first time you get in the cage. You’re like, ‘ugh, this is awkward.’ The Elimination Chamber, ‘I’m supposed to take a bump here?’ I’m very worried about our necks, any whiplash, and he’s so big, but that was one of the things that made him, as you’re somebody who worked him and always sung his praises on his work. He could make something look incredibly violent. He could do it to you every night. We could have done that dog collar every night.”

Brodie Lee’s final match will be remembered for many reasons. His memory will live on through all of the memories he made and he people he worked with. Odds are people will continue discussing how great Brodie Lee was to work with, both inside and outside the ring, for years to come.

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