Chyna was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a part of DX, but Jim Ross would like to see her get a real induction on her own. The 9th Wonder of the World is getting official WWE merchandise now including t-shirts and action figures. Jim Ross would love to see a full celebration of her career.

During a recent episode of Grilling JR, the WWE Hall of Famer opened up about why Chyna isn’t in the Hall of Fame on her own. There is controversy there just as with Chris Benoit. Their stories are very different, but they both soiled their legacies due to the events that preceded their passing.

“I think she deserves it, I hope so. If I had a vote, I’d say yes. It’s the same basic concept to why Chris Benoit won’t be in the Hall of Fame because the last 48 hours of his life were tragic, I’m talking about the porn [Chyna did].”

“She should’ve been in the Hall of Fame yesterday, last year, whenever. Look at the list of Hall of Famers and what they’ve accomplished. A lot of them were really good, some of them not so much, some were political inductees. She certainly should be in the Hall of Fame by herself without question.”


“If nothing else, for being the trailblazer for women who she preceded. All I’m saying is, you can’t use the ‘Go back and Google someone’s name,’ and they had some negative verbiage on their Wikipedia page. How did she do in the wrestling business?”

Perhaps someday Chyna will receive an induction on her own. That seems way more likely than Chris Benoit getting into the WWE Hall of Fame at this point.

A lot of fans would be very happy to see Chyna inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on her own. It might take a long time before that idea comes to fruition, but you can never say never.

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H Jenkins

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