Brodie Lee received a graphic to remember him prior to RAW starting this week. That was all the company officially did. There were plenty more tributes during the show if you paid attention.

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The New Day were on RAW Talk following the show. They took time to talk about their friend Brodie Lee. He meant a lot to the New Day and their words explained just how much this loss impacted so many.

Xavier Wood started out the tribute as he spoke about the great man that Brodie Lee was.


“If you never got the pleasure of meeting him, he was a fantastic human who did so much for this industry. The lives that he touched and the way he made people feel… whether you were a wrestler, whether you worked on the crew, whether you were in catering, whether you were a fan. He is someone who isn’t just extremely important to me, but extremely important to everyone in this company, and we just really are gonna miss him, a lot. So, we love you, and we wish we could see you.”

Kofi Kingston also contributed to the tribute. he mentioned all of the dedications on social media, and how amazing of a father Brodie Lee was.

“You’ve seen all the posts online on social media – he was an amazing father, it was one of the most admirable traits about him. We had so many stories back and forth about our kids because they’re kind of cut from the same cloth, we got a couple of wild boys. You know? So every WrestleMania they would always get together, they called themselves The New Day Kids, you know, and they just… it was just an amazing feeling to share that bond with him. You know, like you said, we’ve been seeing all the posts on social media and just see how many lives he touched in the business, in the ring, but more importantly, outside of the ring with all the family stuff. Like Woods said, he’s going to be dearly missed, his presence is going to be missed, and yeah, it’s crazy. It’s crazy.”

Brodie Lee’s passing hit the entire pro wrestling world like a ton of bricks. This is a painful loss and many are grieving. Seth Rollins put it best when he said that it’s impossible to think about Brodie Lee without laughing. He was a great man to know and have around. He was also a friend to so many as well.

RIP Brodie Lee

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