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A new #1 contender for Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship will be determined tonight. Keith Lee and Sheamus will do battle to see who earns a title shot. Both men have been hovering around the main event scene for the past few months, while Sheamus and McIntyre’s long-term relationship has been explored in detail.

Ricochet and Mustafa Ali will also lock up again, while Charlotte faces Nia Jax. Additionally, Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton will continue with their twisted storyline building off of Alexa’s playground.

All this and more on an action-packed edition of RAW!


Drew McIntyre opens the show. He begins with a tribute to the late Jon Huber, saying “it’s Monday, you know what that means.” Drew then explains his wild year winning, losing and winning the WWE title. He then thanks the fans for rallying behind him.

He transitions now, discussing tonight’s #1 contenders match between Keith Lee and Sheamus. That cues Sheamus. Before he can begin, Drew interrupts. He recalls last week’s tag match where Sheamus and Lee weren’t on the same page.

Sheamus then chimes in, discussing the history of the duo, having been through 15 years of highs and lows together. Sheamus sounds quite confident that he’s going to beat Lee tonight. That cues Lee’s music.

Lee brings up last week, where Sheamus kicked him in the face. “There is zero trust now. Sheamus, every fibre in my being wants to beat your face in right now.” Lee’s pacing on his promo is a bit off here. He’s talking kind of slowly and methodically.

Sheamus is back on the mic, asking Lee who he thinks he is. He’s very fired up. Drew gets the middle. He wants the #1 contenders match to start now. Sheamus then brogue kicks Lee twice. Commercial break.

Back live for the match.

Keith Lee vs Sheamus in a #1 contenders match for the WWE title

Very physical start. Sheamus locks in tight submission on Lee’s neck, but he’s able to power out.

Sheamus goes back on the offensive, targeting the left arm of Lee. He goes to the ropes, but Lee powers him to the outside with a belly to belly. Big right hands on the outside by Lee, but Sheamus re-takes control with a pump knee kick. He goes to the top, hitting Lee with an axe handle. Lee is down on the outside as we head to commercial.

Back live, the pair exchange power moves. Sheamus with ten beats and goes back to the top, but Lee blasts him with a shoulder tackle.

Lee tosses Sheamus across the ring and then lands a fierce spine buster. He then hits another shoulder block for a near fall. Lee goes for a spirit bomb, but Sheamus gets out of it, targeting the legs of Lee.

Both men off the ropes, Lee ducks and hits a cross body. Sheamus evades a move in the corner and hits white noise for a near fall. Stiff shots to the head of Lee, but he’s unfazed, landing two big chops and a spirit bomb for the victory.

Winner: Keith Lee

To the back, where Elias is playing the guitar for Ryker. Transition to the ring, where The Miz is set to face Gran Metalik after the break.

Back live as Metalik enters. There’s a backstage promo where Lince and Metalik explain why the latter will win.

Metalik vs Miz

Two quick pin attempts by Metalik. Miz looks downtrodden based on his lack of success as of late.

Metalik off the ropes, landing a head scissors sending Miz to the outside. Massive moonsault off the top rope by Metalik.

Back in the ring, Miz lands a big boot and lays down shots. He then hits another big boot to Metalik, who’s prone in the ropes. Miz is fired up, complaining to the announce desk about not having the money in the bank any more. He then hits another big boot and transitions to a rest hold.

Miz misses with a back suplex. Metalik hits another head scissors and then rolls up Miz for the three for a surprise upset.

Winner: Gran Metalik

Backstage with Elias again. AJ and Omos bust in, saying they’re sick of him playing the guitar, as Omo is trying to listen to Mozart. Elias says AJ is just upset about losing another WWE title match. AJ suggests a match between the two, Looks like it’s on for later.

Back to the ring for Dana Brooke, who faces Shayna Baszler next. Commercial break.

Back live for Shayna’s entrance.

Dana Brooke vs Shayna Baszler

Brooke catches Shayna’s kick and slaps her in the face. Shayna quickly counters and goes to pin the arm of Brooke with a kick, but it’s reversed.

Shayna grabs Brooke’s arm and hyper extends it on the apron. She then targets the left arm. Pin attempt is kicked out by Brooke.

Brooke breaks out of a submission by Shayna, landing a clothesline which sends Shayna to the outside. She secures the kirifuda clutch outside the ring and then tries to re-injure Mandy Rose’s arm, but Brooke gets in the way.

Back in the ring, Brooke gets a roll-up and a spinning neck breaker for a near fall. Brooke to the top, but she misses. Shayna then hits a knee strike and wins with the kirifuda clutch.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Post-match, Shayna secures the kirifuda clutch on Rose as well.

Transition to a replay from last week with Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss. Alexa’s playground is next. Commercial break.

Back live, Bliss is in the playground on a swing. She jokes about where The Fiend might be, saying that, with legends night next week, he’s been “eating his vitamins and saying his prayers.”

Bliss then invites Orton to the ring, but he doesn’t show up. Transition to the funhouse, where Orton has arrived. He kicks over huskus the pig. Orton says that if The Fiend comes back, he’ll make sure there’s nothing to come back to. He cracks the neck of ramblin rabbit, which has Bliss heated.

Bliss challenges Orton for later, which Orton accepts. He’s expecting The Fiend to return.

Transition to a replay of Charlotte Flair being taken out by Nia Jax six months ago. She’s then interviewed backstage about being ready. Charlotte reminds Charly Caruso that she came back and immediately won the tag titles. She says Jax is to be feared, but if there’s anyone that can beat her, it’s the queen.

Caruso then asks if she has any resolutions for 2021. Charlotte says it’s the same as every year: to stay on top.

To the ring where AJ is entering. He takes on Elias after the break.

Back live for Elias’ entrance. Match is on.

Elias vs AJ Styles

The pair trade shots, Big back body drop by Elias. He takes wrist control, but AJ reverses into a roll up for a near fall. Elias gets tossed into the turnbuckle followed by an AJ drop kick.

Elias evades a forearm, tossing Styles into the apron with a fireman’s carry drop followed by a shoulder shot into the post. Commercial break.

Back live, Elias hits a running knee for a near fall. He then goes old school from the top, finishing with a meteora. Chin lock by Elias followed by a straight right hand. Ryker is lurking at ringside and tries to land a cheap shot on AJ, but Omos backs him up.

Back in the ring, Elias targets the injured left arm of AJ. Styles gets back into it with a flying forearm followed by a flying clothesline in the corner and knee to the back of the neck off the fireman’s carry.

Elias reverses another phenomenal forearm, hitting drift away for a near fall. He then heads up top but AJ meets him. Pele kick from AJ sends Elias down.

Transition, Elias gets up and hits a TKO for a close near fall. This is probably one of, if not Elias’ best main roster match. He goes for drift away again, but AJ reverses into an enziguri. He then hits a forearm shiver and phenomenal forearm for the victory.

Winner: AJ Styles

Transition to a replay from RAW Talk, where Ricochet explained the toll that his feud with RETRIBUTION is taking. There’s a possibility he’s going to join the group.

Back to the ring, where Ricochet enters. He faces Mustafa Ali after the break.

Back live where Ali and RETRIBUTION enter. Ali has a final message for his opponent. He says he’s just one man, and one man can’t change everything. “Accept us as your allies, or accept your full suffering.”

Ricochet vs Mustafa Ali

Hockey brawl to start, Ricochet with a takedown and stiff shots. He then lands a big chop and uppercut followed by a power slam and an elbow. Ali powers out.

Big back body drop to Ali. Ricochet trash talks, but it doesn’t work as Ali sends him into the bottom turnbuckle. Irish whip followed by a leaping neck breaker for a near fall.

Both men to the apron. Stiff shot by Ali puts Ricochet down. Other members of RETRIBUTION get involved, sending Ricochet to the floor, where Ali lands a splash. Commercial break.

Back live, Ali hits a back stabber for a near fall. He follows up with an elbow for a two and then a head lock to slow the pace.

Ricochet counters with an elbow followed by a back flip into a German suplex. Inside out discus clothesline hits, followed by a kick back for two, as Mace saves Ali, dragging him outside the ring.

T-Bar, Slapjack and Mace all get on the apron, but Ricochet takes them all out, including a fierce DDT to T-Bar onto the floor.

Ricochet to the top, but Ali reverses the shooting star press into a triangle choke, which results in a tap out.

Winner: Ali

Post-match, Ali asks Ricochet to join RETRIBUTION again. He takes the mic, and says he will not join the group, and then lands a recoil on Ali.

To the back where Caruso interviews Nia Jax. Before she can ask a question, Jax butts in, saying the queen is right to be afraid of her. Jax then says she has some resolutions: take out Charlotte, re-take the tag team titles, and win the royal rumble.

To the ring, Charlotte makes her entrance. Jax enters after the break.

Back live where Drew gives a message to Keith Lee. He tells him on his best day, when he’s motivated, he can beat anyone…. except Drew McIntyre.

To the ring where Jax enters.

Charlotte vs Nia Jax

Two fierce collar and elbow tie ups to start. Jax targets the left arm of Charlotte immediately and tries to send her off the ropes, but Charlotte reverses.

Jax takes Charlotte to the corner, knocking her down shortly after while maintaining wrist control. Charlotte responds with a big boot and drop kick, taking Jax to the outside.

Back in the ring, Charlotte hits a discus elbow and synchs in a head lock. Downstairs rock kick sends Jax into the announce table. Asuka then takes out Shayna while Charlotte sends Jax into the post.

Charlotte goes for a figure four, but Jax sends her into the post. Commercial break.

Back live, Charlotte lays in chops and goes to the top for a moonsault, but Jax takes her leg out from under her. Sit out power bomb results in a near fall.

More shenanigans on the outside as Charlotte attempts a roll up, and then hits a figure four, but before Jax taps, Shayna locks in the kirifuda clutch.

Winner by DQ: Charlotte

Backstage, The Hurt Business bully another backstage hand. They’re in action later in an eight man tag. Commercial break.

Back live, Charly Caruso — Angel Garza’s former love interest — asks him about his year. He says he’s had ups and downs and that he’s looking forward to legends night next week, where he might hand out a rose to a beautiful lady. Charly then asks who his current rose is for, but before he can answer, R-Truth bowls him over.

We then get a replay of Big E winning the Intercontinental title from last week.

To the back, where Riddle is floating some very cheesy names for he, Jeff Hardy and The New Day’s quartet. The New Day then enter, followed by Hardy and Riddle. The heels will enter after the break.

Back live for the rest of the entrances. Lashley also gets on the mic, saying he’s officially entering the 2021 Royal Rumble.

The Hurt Business vs The Hardy Bros and The New Day

Cedric and Riddle start. Riddle lands a gut wrench suplex, as Lashley tags in. He hoists Riddle up and lands a vertical suplex. MVP tags in, laying in shots in the corner on Riddle.

Quick tags as Shelton enters, landing a suplex as Riddle kicks out. Shoulder blocks in the corner by Shelton, but Riddle fights back with stiff kicks as Hardy tags in, landing poetry in motion.

Xavier, Kofi, Riddle and Hardy all tag out quickly, stomping a mud hole into Shelton,

The faces then team up on the heels, knocking them all out of the ring. Commercial break.

Back live, MVP has Riddle in a bad spot, keeping him tied down in the corner as Lashley lands a shoulder block. Shelton and Riddle are still the legal men as Shelton locks in a deep half crab.

Cedric is tagged in, once again wrenching in a submission. Lashley then tags in, hitting a few fierce upper cuts. Cedric tags back in, but gets hit with a low kick as Riddle tags in Kofi.

Kofi hits a boom drop on Cedric, Kofi then hits a suicide dive to the other members of the hurt business on the outside as Xavier occupies Cedric. Woods is now the legal man, taking out Cedric in the ropes. Hardy tags in, landing a swanton on Cedric. Lashley gets in the way, and things have completely broken down.

Riddle off the apron on a running knee from Shelton. In the meantime, Lashley and Hardy are legal. Lashley locks in the hurt lock for the win.

Winners: The Hurt Business

Post-match, THB attempt to add insult to injury, but the faces battle back, standing tall.

Backstage, Morrison tries to console Miz, who is miserable. Adam Pearce comes out with the money in the bank, gifting it to him, as Morrison was the one who cashed in at TLC. Commercial break.

Back live, Alexa enters, followed by Orton.

Orton asks where The Fiend is. Bliss says this isn’t about him, it’s about her. She leaves the ring and grabs a present. Inside the present is a lighter and gasoline. Bliss places it at the feet of Orton and challenges him to do to her what he did to The Fiend.

Bliss then lays down in the ring. When Orton doesn’t respond, she pours the ring down with gasoline. Orton continues to do nothing in the corner. Bliss tells him he doesn’t have the guts. Bliss then pours the entire bottle of gasoline on her head.

Orton finally takes the mic, saying “you think that I won’t do it?” You think that I’m not capable? I want to do it, but I know that it’s what you want me to do, so right now I’m trying to process the whole thing.”

Orton says fine. “You want to see The Fiend? Maybe I’ll set you on fire right now.”

The lights then go dark. Orton lights a match as the show goes off the air.

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