Brodie Lee wrestled for WWE as Luke Harper for years, and the running gag was that he never cleaned his tank tops. They were grimy looking and announcers talked about how awful they smelled. That wasn’t the case at all.

Cesaro revealed that Brodie Lee’s tank tops were actually clean, and they smelled “tremendous.” Lee was very proud of how he could pull off the illusion of being dirty while still keeping up his hygiene. He was also very protective of his tank tops.

The “dirty” tank tops Brodie wore in the ring were actually very clean and smelled tremendous. He put a lot of work and pride in keeping them clean but looking dirty. He would get so mad if somebody (oops) would yank at them or tear them…

It must be a delicate balance to keep shirts looking so dirty, but they were actually very clean. Knowing this fact years later also makes those Wyatt Family matches a bit more interesting knowing how great Brodie Lee actually smelled the entire time.

H Jenkins

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