Goldberg lit up marquees in the late 90’s, and he can see a big difference in the crowds that used to gather for pro wrestling and the fans today.

While speaking to Bleacher Report, Goldberg mentioned pro wrestling fans, and how they changed. They can turn the momentum of a show with their reaction instead of just being a part of the experience. That is something Goldberg didn’t see in the good old days when fans were “content” and “just sitting back” because they wanted to be entertained.

“They’re not nearly as respectful as they used to be. I think it’s more about how they can turn the momentum of the show as opposed to actually being a part of it. They actually want to dictate more so than in the past. They were content just sitting back and being entertained as opposed to dictating what’s going on.”

Fans can be very opinionated online, and it can sometimes be overbearing. Goldberg certainly seems to think that fans could tone it down a bit, and just enjoy the show.


Felix Upton

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