Ryback Calls Out WWE For Paying Publications To Spread False Information About Him


Ryback and WWE’s issues are well documented. This not only pertains to the usage of Ryback’s name, but also the overall treatment of their Superstars. Now he’s calling them out for spreading false information.

The former WWE Superstar alleged in a recent tweet that WWE has fed “false articles” about him to online publications. He called out Collider for posting an article that appeared to make it look like Ryback was engaged in a homosexual fling with Paul Heyman. The article said: “Pro Wrestlers You Had No Idea Were Proud Members Of The LGBTQ Community.”

Ryback claims that his attorney has now added Collider to “the list.”

[email protected] has been paying publications to write false articles on me since I walked out. This is simply the latest one. It’s laughable at this point and I feel sorry for them. @collider has been added to the list with my attorney and it’s going to be a lot of fun down the road.

We’ll have to see if this tactic from WWE stops. Ryback has not been shy in calling out WWE’s pettiness in the past. This is certainly a low blow for the company to take if that Collider article really came from them.

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