WWE informed their Superstars that they will be taking control of their Twitch and Cameo accounts. Superstars will now get a percentage of that money and it will count against their downside guarantees. This is a move that has a lot of people wondering how WWE can get away with this.

Superstars will soon be making the money that WWE will pay them through their own work on those third party platforms. Essentially, Superstars are paying for their own downside guarantees. Ryback saw this news and he wasn’t too thrilled about it.

During Ryback TV, The Big Guy spoke out about this new policy. He wondered how much of a percentage WWE is going to give their Superstars because “often times those percentages are heavily favored to the promoter — to Vince.” He then said that if WWE really does this the they needs to pay Superstars more and restructure their contracts across the board.

“A lot of these guys have built up their followings on there and you’re gonna count it against their downside? My thing is then their contracts should be restructured, every single one of them to incorporate — everyone should get a raise from this if they’re gonna keep it this way because now they’re taking their revenue on that and they’re counting it toward their downside and they’re gonna pay them less on other things now and they’re gonna increase their bottom line.”


“This is greed at its finest. I understand protecting your brand, but when talent — the talent have a choice — if everyone said ‘we’re not doing this’ they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. The problem is that’s not what’s going on.”

Ryback said that some people don’t have a choice if they’re starting out. He stood by the idea that WWE needs to restructure their contracts if they’re going to take this extra revenue that Superstars are making, but “they’re not doing that, I promise you,” he remarked.

We’ll have to see how this situation turns out. In four weeks it’s easy to assume that Superstars might lose a bit of their Twitch following and Cameo orders because smarter fans don’t want to put money directly into Vince McMahon’s pocket.

Felix Upton

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