Tucker’s WWE Brand Status CONFIRMED

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Tucker was moved over to Raw as part of the 2020 WWE Draft, and that is still his home brand in WWE.

Ringside News reported yesterday that Tucker and Otis have Survivor Series plans, but it would mean that they must remain on separate brands. Then WWE’s website listed Tucker on the blue brand once again.

We reached out, and nobody we spoke to had heard Tucker was moved. There was a lot of confusion and blame was placed on miscommunication with the website.

PW Insider has now confirmed that Tucker is NOT on the SmackDown brand. He is still on Raw where he was moved during the Draft.

This morning, we were told by WWE sources that is indeed an error and he is considered to be officially part of the Monday Night Raw roster, although he did not appear on last night’s broadcast.

Tucker didn’t appear on the show last night, but he sent out a tweet afterward and addressed that. Raw still has Tucker around whenever Vince McMahon wants to use him, and unless they changed their plans around, Tucker will have a spot at Survivor Series.

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