Who REALLY Came Up With Idea For Le Dinner Debonair Segment In AEW

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AEW aired Le Dinner Debonair, and fans are still talking about it. This was a musical segment that Chris Jericho said was Jim Cornette’s idea, but he was only joking to get under Corny’s skin. Cornette absolutely slammed the segment and everyone involved. In reality, it was MJF’s idea.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Le Dinner Debonair was MJF’s idea. The segment with through some revisions before making it to air.

It was said that MJF got the idea to do a musical segment while watching the movie Rocketman. He actually to use an Elton John song for the segment, but “for whatever reason Jericho chose this [Me And My Shadow] probably because it was cornier.”

Le Dinner Debonair will likely be remembered by AEW fans for a very long time to come. They even received a Tony Award as one was relinquished to them. They also received permission from the Frank Sinatra estate for the parody.

It took 7 hours to shoot the segment. They were up until 2:00 AM on Wednesday morning filming to segment, and Chris Jericho revealed that they didn’t have the full song and dance number edited together until 22 minutes prior to Dynamite going live.

Transcription by Ringside News

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