Heath Slater Injury Caused Impact Wrestling To Change Bound For Glory Match Finish

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Heath Slater didn’t win the Call Your Shot match at Bound For Glory, but he was supposed to. An injury occured and he was eliminated from the match, leaving Rhino to win for him. It’s lucky that Impact Wrestling wrote a stipulation that Heath received a contract if either he or Rhino won.

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According to PW Insider, Heath was supposed to win the entire Call Your Shot Gauntlet Battle Royal match, but they had to change plans on the fly. His exact type of injury is not known at this time, but it could be a groin or abdominal injury.

Due to the injury issue, an audible was called that saw Rhino instead go over in order to secure Miller the contract.

Heath was hospitalized last night. There is no word on his official diagnosis at this time. Hopefully, it won’t keep him out of action for long because Impact Wrestling obviously has plans for him.

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