Why Vince McMahon Changed Chad Gable’s Name To Shorty G In The First Place


Chad Gable’s name was finally changed on SmackDown. It was previously reported that this was a change that Daniel Bryan and others pushed to happen since the Summer.

Vince McMahon made the call to switch Gable to Shorty G. It was done in a storyline which mocked him, but McMahon reportedly didn’t mean anything bad by it.

A source told Wrestling News that Vince McMahon “meant well” when changing Chad Gable’s name to Shorty G. The fact that Gable is shorter still plays to his disadvantage on the WWE main roster. They want more from him, but Vince McMahon is very unpredictable.

“Vince sees talent in him and he meant well with the Shorty gimmick but Vince might not want to push him all the way as a top guy because of his size. The agents and the writers want more for Chad but Vince can change his mind tomorrow and I think we all know that. Chad knows that.”

Chad Gable is certainly getting more attention today than he has in a very long time. He is also on a lot of fans’ list of Superstars who might get better treatment elsewhere. We’ll have to see what WWE is able to do with a more focused Chad Gable now that he has his old name once again.

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