Chad Gable Comments On Leaving Shorty G Name Behind Him In WWE

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Chad Gable made a big change to his presentation this week on WWE television. He will no longer be known as Shorty G. This change back to his previous name likely means that he’ll be given a serious presentation as well, or at least we can only hope.

Gable is obviously optimistic as well. He tweeted out saying that everyone should “say good night to the short guy” following SmackDown this week. That was an obviously play on words which made reference to Tony Montana’s legendary quote.

So say goodnight to the short guy! The last time you’re gonna see a short guy like this again, let me tell you. ⁣

WWE could have a lot in store for Chad Gable now, but it’s a week-by-week situation around WWE. Vince McMahon didn’t have any bad intentions behind the initial name change to Shorty G, but it might take a while for fans to forget about that stint in his WWE career.

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