Renee Young Reveals Strange Thing Jon Moxley Makes Her Watch Him Do

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Jon Moxley is a very interesting human, and his passion for pro wrestling brought him to the top of the business. PWI’s #1 rated pro wrestler in 2020 also has another passion: blow darts.

Renee Paquette recently jumped online to let fans know about a very strange hobby that her husband Moxley has. He apparently makes her watch him practice blow darts in the backyard on a frequent basis.

Moxley recently opened up about video games. He doesn’t understand them at all. He also gets confused by the buttons and what they do. Blow darts are much more functional as video games have passed Moxley by.

We’ll have to see if Tony Khan can figure out a way to insert Moxley’s real-life blow dart hobby into his AEW storyline. In the meantime, Renee Paquette is getting quite a private blow dart show in her backyard.

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