The world is always evolving around us. Jon Moxley recently revealed that the concept of video games has now officially gotten too difficult for him.

Jon Moxley recently spoke with Reel Talker where he discussed his hobbies. He said that things would be easier if he did things that involved just sitting around, but he can’t do that. He enjoys biking in the mountains and hiking, but video games have passed him by as he doesn’t understand them.

“My biggest problem is I like to do physical things that put wear and tear on you body. I should get more into sitting around and binging TV shows, although I do do that, but I don’t do that alone, I only do that with my wife. I don’t play video games. I can’t even understand video games. They’re too difficult, they make no sense to me, they’ve passed me by. I don’t know what button you push and I completely lose my interest. I like hiking and taking my bikes up to the mountains. Training is a hobby for me.”

Renee Paquette can sometimes get Moxley to binge watch a show, but if he was left to his own devices he wouldn’t spend that much time on the couch. He came from WWE’s non-stop lifestyle to AEW where he needs to represent the company as their world champion, but there are no house show loops or even media appearances he must make across the country. Hopefully, AEW’s video game will be able to pique Mox’s interest.


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