WWE isn’t booking toward their future like a lot of fans would like. The current plan for WrestleMania is a blank canvas, and that wasn’t the case a few years ago during this time of year. The company’s weekly storylines also suffered as things are put together so close to the show on a weekly basis.

The current COVID-19 pandemic created a situation where nobody knows who will be available week to week. Still, there are a few factors in play that might hinder WWE’s product even if the pandemic vanished tomorrow.

Ringside News has learned that the lack of long-term direction in WWE programming is not just to blame on one thing. A couple of variables are in play, primarily the people in positions of power.

A tenured member of the creative team told us that the blame should be placed on a weekly mix of what Vince McMahon has in his head and “there’s no one on the writing team to steer the course.”

As of yesterday, WWE didn’t even have more matches 100% laid out for Hell In A Cell on Sunday except for the three Hell In A Cell matches. This was exclusively reported by Ringside News as well.

We were also told that Bruce Prichard “doesn’t drive a strategy.” Instead, he reacts to whatever Vince McMahon dictates without asking important follow-up questions for clarification. There is nobody in a position of control who can “push the product forward.” Paul Heyman urged Vince McMahon to plan for the future, and he pushed for long-term booking as well. That went away with his firing.

Paul Heyman is back in WWE, but as we exclusively reported he is there to drive Roman Reigns’ creative direction only. Vince McMahon gave him the trust to do that, but Heyman is not hands on with any other current storylines.

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