Jon Moxley Didn’t Picture Himself As A Good Guy In AEW


Jon Moxley entered AEW as an incredibly popular babyface who did whatever he wanted to. If he wanted to put someone through a glass coffee table or throw them onto a barbed wire spider web then it was going to happen. That did happen, and Kenny Omega felt that pain. The former Dean Ambrose didn’t picture himself as a good guy in AEW.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Jon Moxley discussed his current role in AEW. He is happy to carry the torch through these tough times as AEW World Champion. He’s a babyface and carrying on with the company’s top title.

“I’m the guy carrying the torch during a pandemic. It’s a weird time, and COVID is fucking up the bookings every week, but I want to carry the torch through tough times. Even though I didn’t originally picture myself in a good-guy, protagonist role when I first came here, it’s the way it happened. I can send a message of perseverance and picking yourself up after you fall down. People have lost their jobs, lost their business, and I can project strength, with no fear in the face of adversity, for those watching our show. I want to give stability in an unstable time. I need to give AEW some stability as we build a secure future for this brand because it’s vital for this industry that AEW is a success.”

Jon Moxley was able to defeat Lance Archer and retain his title. He will remain a focal point on AEW Dynamite while getting cheers the entire time. Now it appears that Moxley is entering some very personal territory with Eddie Kingston which could propel them both to a new level as well.

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