AEW’s Dynasty event at the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri, proved to be a resounding success on the pay-per-view front, delivering an evening of thrilling action and unforgettable moments.

Headlining the show was a historic championship bout that saw Swerve Strickland clinch the AEW World Championship in a riveting encounter against Samoa Joe. The electric atmosphere was further amplified by the long-awaited return of Jack Perry, who emerged from hiatus to aid The Young Bucks in securing the AEW Tag Team Titles in a heart-pounding ladder match against FTR.

Notably, the event showcased a showdown for the ages as Bryan Danielson clashed with Will Ospreay in a battle that left fans on the edge of their seats.

Despite the event’s undeniable success on pay-per-view, recent reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, have shed light on a concerning trend in television buys. Meltzer’s analysis reveals a notable decline in television buys, with a drop of 28.8 percent from the same number of days as the Worlds End show, and a staggering 41.1 percent decrease compared to Revolution, which notably featured Sting’s retirement.


Meltzer delves deeper into the numbers, suggesting that based on the final figures, Dynasty garnered an estimated range of 100,000 to 108,000 buys. However, he notes that streaming numbers saw a relatively smaller decline, with a 30 percent drop from Revolution. When factoring in buys from additional streaming platforms like YouTube, the estimated total reaches approximately 122,000 buys.

While the event’s streaming numbers remain relatively robust, the decline in television buys raises concerns about potential factors impacting viewership. Nevertheless, AEW’s Dynasty event stands as a testament to the promotion’s ability to deliver compelling content and captivate audiences worldwide, setting the stage for continued growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

What do you think could be contributing to the decline in television buys for AEW events? Do you believe this trend will continue, or do you anticipate a rebound in future events? Share your thoughts on the dynamics of pay-per-view versus streaming viewership in today’s wrestling landscape in the comments below!

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