Retribution showed up on RAW yet again this week, and they had a much different mission. They also had different masks, and new names. Those changes might not have been for the best.

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According to Wrestle Votes, Retribution received laughter backstage when they debuted their new looks. Names like T-Bar, Mace, and Slapjack didn’t help. At this point it appears that Retribution is in a creative hole that might be “impossible to climb” out of.

Just talked to a source who was in the building last night… said the presentation of Retribution was a major topic of discussion, met w/ LAUGHTER at times backstage. Direct quote: “The masks & names are already making the road for these guys impossible to climb”


The five members of Retribution are good wrestlers. They could do big things on their own, or as a stable if it is written correctly. It seems that WWE took a big chance on Retribution this week, but it just didn’t pan out for the best. Stay tuned.

Felix Upton

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