Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of WWE RAW, just one week from Clash of Champions.

And speaking of the upcoming PPV, Keith Lee could punch his ticket to the main event by beating Drew McIntyre on tonight’s RAW. The two battled last week but Retribution interfered and we got no result. Tonight Lee gets a second chance, but all this depends on whether or not Randy Orton can make it to Sunday’s show.

Braun Strowman appeared randomly in RAW Underground last week, and he took the fight to Dolph Ziggler and Riddick Moss. That part of RAW ended with Shane promising us that this week we would see Strowman face the undefeated Dabba Kato in the battle of the big men. Hopefully it lives up to expectations.

Elsewhere tonight, Seth Rollins teams with Murphy – whom he seemingly broke from last week – to face Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio, and Angel Garza and Andrade – who also appeared to split last week. This is to determine new number one contenders to The Street Profits, but with two of the teams on the outs, it seems likely that Dominik may get his first chance at gold.

And that’s all we know about tonight’s RAW. Hopefully it’s a good episode but let us know what you’re hoping to see and enjoy the show!


This week’s RAW opens with Retribution coming through the crowd and storming the ring. They’re wearing distinctive masks now, but apparently they’re officially contracted Superstars.

NXT Superstars Shane Thorne, Mercedes Martinez, Dominic Dijakovic, Mia Yim, and Dio Madden, are the members. Yim grabs the microphone and she says they are done being stepped on. Dominic Dijakovic takes the mic and says they are going to destroy WWE by killing the lifeblood of the company: the Superstars. He says they are whores for money. Retribution will make everyone pay for their sins.

The Hurt Business come down and Retrubution leave the ring. MVP says they aren’t so tough now they’re standing before “real”. He says if they want a real opportunity they can get it tonight. Lashley says they are The Hurt Business, not some kids in masks, and they’re gonna beat them down, and look good doing it.

More members of Retribution appear and surround the ring. The Hurt Business take the fight to them but get quickly overwhelmed. Two of the big guys double-team slam MVP as we head to the break.

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Back live and we see replays of what just happened. According to the announcers, the “five core members” of Retribution are signed to contracts, but not the rest. They seem to hint that there is a conspiracy at play.

The Mysterio family is interviewed backstage and Sarah Schreiber asks what it means for Dominik to get his first opportunity to challenge for gold. Rey says he couldn’t be more proud because the tag team titles were the first things he challenged for in WWE.

The Street Profits make their entrance and join the commentary team. We’re set for a Triple Threat tag match to determine the number one contenders to the Tag Team Champions.

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Andrade & Angel Garza Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy Vs. Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo

We start this three-way match with Humberto, Angel and Murphy. Garza rips his pants off, throws them, and tags Andrade. The three of them look to engage but Andrade rolls out, so Humberto takes a wristlock on Murphy. Humberto arm-drags Murphy out of the ring but Andrade rushes him and slams him into the corner.

Garza tags in and stomps Humberto in the corner, then hits a superkick and tags Andrade back in. Humberto whips Andrade but he catches himself in the ropes and poses. Humberto comes back and knocks both Andrade and Murphy from the ring, then tags Dominik. Humberto hits a suicide dive to Andrade while Dominik jumps off the top rope onto Murphy.

Dominik gets Andrade inside for a two-count. Andrade chops Dom against the ropes, but the kid comes back with a sunset bomb. Angel breaks the pin attempt. Andrade And Murphy trade shots and Murphy drops him with a big running knee. Murphy looks to make a tag but Seth grabs his jacket and leaves, saying he has a lot on his mind. Andrade drops Murphy and tags Garza, who hits the Wing Clipper for the win!

Winners: Angel Garza & Andrade

We see Shane McMahon come out of RAW Underground. He talks to the huge bodyguard and says he’s on his way to appear on The K.O Show.

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Retribution appear backstage and Dijakovic says The Hurt Business takes WWE’s money to buy their suits. And they’ve asked for this opportunity tonight out of greed. Tonight they will have a match and they will pay in Retribution.

Kevin Owens is in the ring for his talk show and he says last time he did the show he was attacked by “Captain Hot Topic”. He said his guest tonight is someone he would have said he would never give a platform to, but 2020 is weird, so here’s Shane McMahon.

Owens says he can’t believe Shane is on the K.O Show. Shane says he can’t either, that Owens always has an agenda but we’ll get to that. Owens reminds everyone that he beat Shane and got him fired, and he should be mad, but that’s all water under the bridge. Owens calls him a promoter at heart and offers him the floor. Shane thanks him and talks about the huge showdown between Strowman and Dabba Kato tonight in RAW Underground. Shane then invites Dabba Kato out to the ring.

Kato comes down to the ring and Owens isn’t happy. KO says he knew Shane would bring Dabba with him, and he has a bone to pick. Two weeks ago, Kato beat him in RAW Underground, and he knows he’s the new kid, but they are going to do it again. Until then, Owens slaps Kato hard in the face, then introduces his second guest: Braun Strowman.

Braun and Dabba come face-to-face but Shane gets between them and says if they want to fight they can only do it in RAW Underground. They shout at each other and suddenly Aleister Black trips Owens from outside the ring and pulls him crotch-first into the ring post three times.

Drew McIntyre is stopped by Charly Caruso backstage and she asks if Drew is worried about facing Keith Lee tonight. He says things got heated last week but he understands it’s business. He says if you’re in WWE and you don’t want the WWE Championship, then why the hell are you here? Someday they’ll laugh about it over some beers but tonight they’re gonna beat the hell out of each other.

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Back live and Retribution are beating the hell out of Titus O’Neil and Humberto Carrillo. The big guy says WWE Superstars are a sickness and they are the judge, jury, and executioner.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Keith Lee

McIntyre looked for the Claymore Kick right out the gate but Lee dodged him. McIntyre takes a headlock for a minute. Lee shoots him off and pounces McIntyre over the ropes to the floor. Lee goes after him and they trade shots on the floor, including gnarly chops to the chest, and Drew suddenly back suplexes Lee on the announce desk!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Drew is beating Keith in the ring. Lee turns the tables and hits Drew with multiple running splashes in the corner. Drew tries to lift Lee but can’t get him up. McIntyre hits a big boot, then Keith drops him with a forearm. Lee looks conflicted and like he feels bad about McIntyre’s jaw.

Lee looks for the Spirit Bomb but Drew punches him and hits a hurricanrana! McIntyre hits a spinebuster into a cover for two. McIntyre lifts Lee and hits a neckbreaker for another near-fall. Drew punches Lee as he tries to get to his feet, then attempts the Future Shock but Keith rushes him to the corner.

Lee gets angry but runs into a back elbow. McIntyre runs for the Claymore but gets hit with a one-handed spinebuster and a two-count. They trade shots and Lee hits a throat-chop and a back elbow, then a running lariat. Lee lifts Drew and tells him this is his chance. He looks for the Spirit Bomb but McIntyre slides down and hits a Claymore, however…

Winner Via Disqualification: Drew McIntyre

Randy Orton attacks McIntyre from behind with a steel chair! Randy holds Drew down on the mat with the chair grinding into his jaw and Drew screams. McIntyre rolls out and Randy turns and hits Lee with a Punt!

*Commercial Break*

We return and Randy is still in the ring. Orton says shame on everyone for doubting him, even for one second. His track record speaks for itself and he is the one constant in 20 years. He says the match at Clash of Champions isn’t a normal one, and he stares at the ambulance by the stage.

Orton walks to the ambulance and opens the doors, says he was in that vehicle after Drew gave him three Claymore kicks. He can vaguely remember flying down the highway, the sirens blaring, and all he could think was: this is what it’s like to be taken out by The Legend Killer. That’s how Edge, Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Drew McIntyre, and others felt when he kicked their skulls.

The thought made him smile. Because he remembered what he is capable of and what it takes to be WWE Champion. Randy says the ambulance represents hope and healing to some, but pain, agony, and death to others. To him though? It represents a fourteenth World Championship. He swears Drew’s career will take a ride in the ambulance come Sunday night.

Sarah Schreiber interviews Asuka in the backstage ring. She asks Asuka who is a bigger threat, Zelina Vega or Mickie James. Billie Kay walks up and mocks Asuka in a terrible way. Kay says Asuka anyone can get a title shot against Asuka apparently, and then Peyton Royce walks up and says either one of them should get a shot. Asuka asks if they’re still friends and Kay says of course they are, but Peyton says things change. Asuka says that nobody is ready for her at Clash of Champions, but tonight she is ready for Peyton.

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Zelina Vega Vs. Mickie James

This number one contender match starts and Vega takes the fight to Mickie. Vega trash talks her so Mickie turns the tables and slams her down. Mickie swings Vega around by the hair but Zelina then jumps on her back and tries to choke her.

Mickie slings her off and hits a running knee for a two-count. Mickie looks for a suplex but Vega rolls her up for two. Vega ducks two clotheslines and gets Mickie tied up in the octopus stretch. James breaks free but Vega continues the assault in the corner.

James catches a kick and Vega rolls her up for two. Vega ties-up Mickie in the ropes with another modified octopus stretch, then climbs on the top rope for a tornado DDT but James throws her off. James kicks Zelina a few times and hits a running forearm, followed by a flapjack.

Mickie goes up top, signals for the end, and hits a seated senton for a near-fall. Mickie grabs her for the Mick DDT but Vega shoots her off into the ropes for a nasty spill. Vega hits a backstabber and scores the pinfall!

Winner: Zelina Vega

The camera cuts backstage and Retribution is brawling with The Hurt Business. It seems MVP and Co. have jumped the unidentified members of Retribution. They beat them down and MVP shouts into the camera that Retribution asked for this. The match is up next!

*Commercial Break*

We get a video hyping Bianca Belair, which is all about her out-training a man in the Performance Centre.

Earlier today, Akira Tozawa and a ninja referee went to the beech looking for R-Truth. They jump into the ocean and attempt to hide underwater from him. Truth comes along with Lil’ Jimmy and his title. Truth sees a shark fin and screams, causing him to drop his title and it be washed away. Truth comes back a while later with a snorkel and goes looking for the belt but the shark appears again and Truth screams “Sharknado 2!” Both the title and Lil’ Jimmy wash-up, along with Tozawa’s ninja outfit.

MVP comes out with Cedric Alexander. He says tonight Retribution will be in a six-man tag team match, and they will learn first-hand why they’re called The Hurt Business. He says they can call themselves the judge and jury if they want, but make no mistake about it, The Hurt Business are the executioners. Cedric agrees and says they always get revenge. Which is what he’s about to do to Apollo, because he doesn’t care about him or his kids.

Apollo comes out with Ricochet and he says Cedric is a damn fool and about to get hurt. And as for Bobby Lashley, he better not forget that on Sunday he’s coming for the United States Championship.

Cedric Alexander W/MVP Vs. Apollo W/Ricochet

The bell rings and Crews storms Cedric, taking him down by the waist. Apollo grabs Cedric but he clears out of the ring and regroups with MVP. Crews wipes out Cedric with a baseball slide, then talks trash to MVP.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Alexander covers Apollo for a two-count. Cedric takes a sleeper hold but Apollo climbs to his feet, punches himself free, but Cedric knees him in the gut and this a kick to the back. Cedric hits a Michinoku Driver for a near-fall and looks to MVP for advice.

Apollo kicks Cedric away and hits a flying frog crossbody from the middle rope. Crews hits a splash in the corner, followed by a Samoan drop for a near-fall. Alexander rolls outside, Apollo jumps at him but misses, and Cedric hits a big suicide dive. Cedric intimidates Ricochet at ringside, then slides back in and gets rolled-up!

Winner: Apollo Crews

Shelton and Lashley come down the ramp and Cedric attacks Crews from behind. The Hurt Business slam Ricochet and Apollo into the barricade a few times, then Lashley applies The Hurt Lock to Crews.

*Commercial Break*

We go live to RAW Underground, and we kick things off with Dolph Ziggler Vs Arturo Ruas. They attempt takedowns and Ruas swings a few Capoeira kicks but Dolph dodges. Ziggler shoots for a takedown but Ruas shrugs him off, delivers a knee, slams him, and looks for the armbar. Ziggler rolls free and punches Ruas a few times, ducks him, then takes a sleeper. Ruas throws himself back to slam Dolph and break free, then hits an incredible takedown into a kneebar. Dolph breaks free again and gets a sleeper, and this time Ruas passes out!

Shane tries to interview Braun beside the ring but he screams at him. Shane gives the microphone to a girl with white dreadlocks called Briana Brady, and she asks Braun how he feels about his upcoming fight. Braun yells that he already told Shane last week he was going to knock the teeth out of all his little babies and send them home. He plans on destroying Dabba Kato.

Seth Rollins comes to the ring holding a brown envelope. Rollins says it’s no secret that he has had the Mysterio family’s number for some time now. And last week when he beat Dominik in the cage he was convinced it was over. He was convinced the torment the Mysterio’s were putting him through was over. But something was itching him, and he takes no pleasure in revealing this information.

Seth points to a photograph of the Mysterio family, and says Dominik is obviously a lot taller. He says it might sound crazy but he had some people do some digging and he has the results of his digging in the envelope. Before he reveals anything though, he invites the Mysterio family to join him in the ring.

The Mysterio family come to the stage and Seth says he’s really come to respect them; they’re a real family that stick by each other. Which is why this hurts him. He has a DNA test here and he knows this has been done before, but technology has improved in the years since. So they need to know, is Rey Dominik’s father? Seth pulls out the test results and reveals that Rey is not Dom’s father.

Rey says this is ridiculous, this didn’t work the last time it was attempted. Seth says he might be right, maybe he made a mistake. Maybe he should have looked into Aalyah instead. In fact, he has concrete evidence. We see a replay of last week when Aalyah checked on Murphy after the steel cage match, and Seth says that doesn’t seem like something a Mysterio would be doing.

Rey says he and Aalyah already spoke about that, he raised her to be a caring and compassionate person. So Seth should keep his daughter’s name out of his mouth. Rey says Aalyah is only 19, she’s naïve and knows nothing about their world. Aalyah looks angry and walks off. The Mysterio’s leave and Seth says he’s sorry, he didn’t intend to drive a wedge. Sometimes families can fall apart.

*Commercial Break*

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler Vs. Natalya & Lana

The match starts with Nia and Natalya, as Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott are on commentary. Nia shoots Nattie off and counters a tilt-a-whirl. Lana tags in and hits Jax with a heel kick in the corner, then attempts to sunset flip her by Nia stays on her feet.

Shayna tags in and knocks Natalya off the apron. Shayna lifts and slams Lana, then kicks her in the face and applies the Kirifuda Clutch for the win.

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

After the match the Tag Team Champions go out and confront The Riott Squad. Nia and Shayna shove them, then Nia takes the top off the announce table. Nia lifts Liv on her shoulders but Ruby grabs her and they retreat. Jax then grabs Lana and hits her with a Samoan drop through the announce table!

Drew McIntyre is in the trainer’s room, icing his jaw. Charly comes in and asks how he’s feeling. McIntyre says he’s good, he can’t wait to Sunday because there are no rules and he’s going to beat the piss out of Randy. As for tonight, he needs a fight.

*Commercial Break*

The Mysterio family is arguing backstage, and Aalyah is saying she’s old enough. She came to RAW to be by Dom’s side but they’re all getting hurt and it’s too much for her. After all, she’s just a naïve 19 year old. Aalyah walks off and Rey’s wife stops him from going after her.

We’re back in RAW Underground and Riddick Moss is fighting Erik of The Viking Raiders. Erik takes Riddick’s back but Moss breaks free and tries to unload some punches. Riddick scoops Erik and slams him down but Erik gets up and does the same. They separate and stare each other down before meeting in the middle and throwing bombs. Erik hits a big forearm and a German suplex, then chases but Miss hits a lucky shot and Erik collapses!

Briana Brady – the girl with dreads from earlier – attempts to interview Dabba Kato but he stares her down, so Shane takes the mic. Dabba says talk is cheap and tonight we will find out what he’s all about.

*Commercial Break*

Asuka Vs. Peyton Royce W/Billie Kay

The bell rings and they have a stiff lock-up, with Royce forcing the Champion to the corner. Asuka pushes her off and kicks her, then hits a pop-up knee to the face. Asuka hits a hip attack in the corner, followed by a German suplex and a shining wizard for a two-count.

Both women swing kicks and both duck, then Peyton hits a gory bomb for a near-fall. Asuka runs straight into a heel kick from Royce. Peyton goes up top but Asuka kicks her off, then applies a rolling submission attempt but it’s sloppy and thankfully gets interrupted.

Winner Via Disqualification: Asuka

Zelina Vega attacked Asuka and screamed at her that this is her time. Asuka fights her off and Vega retreats, yelling that the title is hers.

Aalyah is sitting alone backstage and Murphy approaches her, saying he wants to apologise. He says this has all gotten out of hand and he’s sorry if he’s hurt her in any way.

*Commercial Break*

It’s time for Dabba Kato and Braun Strowman. Shane gets the fight underway and they start throwing some jabs but it quickly descends into a grappling match and Kato lands some body blows. Braun takes Dabba down and takes his back, but Dabba rolls off the mat to break free and he punches Braun.

The action gets back on the mat and Strowman connects with a jab, then a haymaker, and Dabba collapses. Braun unloads some ground and pound and the referee calls it! Braun rips his shirt off and poses over Kato.

Retribution make their entrance for the main event and it’s Shane Thorne, Dio Madden, and Dominic Dijakovic, only their names are now Slapjack, T-Bar, and Mace. I wish I was joking.

*Commercial Break*

The Hurt Business Vs. Retribution

Lashley starts with Slapjack (Thorne) and he hits him with a belly-to-belly, so he tags Mace (Madden). Lashley forces him to the corner but Mace fires back and hits a big boot. T-Bar (Dijakovic) tags in and sends Lashley outside, but the US Champion gets back inside and slams him into the corner.

Cedric tags in and T-Bar quickly takes control of him before tagging Slapjack. Retribution beats Cedric down in their corner, with T-Bar tossing him across the ring for a two-count. Benjamin tags in and drives a knee into T-Bar but he gets flattened. Mace tags in and helps T-Bar hit Benjamin with a double suplex for a two-count.

Mace beats on Benjamin, dropping him with blows, then makes the tag to Slapjack. Lashley tags in and runs roughshod over Slapjack. Lashley whips him to the corner and drops him with a massive one-handed spinebuster. Lashley applies The Hurt Lock but T-Bar hits him and the referee disqualifies them.

Winners Via Disqualification: The Hurt Business

I don’t know what’s worse, their names, the fact that The Hurt Business is randomly babyfaces and heels, or the fact that the match ended like that. All awful.

As soon as the bell rings Retribution storm the ring and beat on The Hurt Business. Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he comes running down the ramp with a variety of Superstars. They beat Retribution out of the ring and Drew is alone…until Randy Orton appears and hits an RKO! The brawl continues at ringside but RAW ends with Randy standing over Drew.

That’s it for this week’s RAW. Let us know what you thought of the show and be sure to come back tomorrow for all your exclusive wrestling news. Until then, stay safe!

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