Keith Lee has been involved with Randy Orton since making his main roster debut. He seemed to step right into the middle of Orton’s rivalry with Drew McIntyre. Now the Limitless Lee is sick and tired of that feud getting involved in what he has to do.

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Keith Lee and Randy Orton had another chance to settle the score on RAW this week. Then Drew McIntyre got involved in the match. During RAW Talk, Keith Lee had a chance to speak about this. He’s tired of Drew McIntyre getting involved in his business at this point.

“There’s a lot of feelings that I can exude about this. I think I am going to start with the fact that I need to say the very obvious. Drew McIntyre is a friend of mine. We have history, lots of history. Some not so great, some great even before WWE.”

“Drew, let me just talk to you first. I am very happy that you’re okay, very happy. But I don’t understand this. I get tonight. You got a fractured jaw, you’re fighting through the pain and you wanna pay a guy back, I understand.”

“Listen, I get why tonight but I have an issue with the fact that I know that you know there’s only one chance that you have to make a first impression and you interfered in that. I have since redeemed you. I have avenged you and said ‘okay, now this is done, I took care of this for you, now you can come back and give him the beating that he deserves.’ I get another opportunity here and you show up and do it again. I don’t understand. Drew, I am happy that you are getting your receipts but please man, I just got here. Give me a chance. If I’m making waves, let me surf bro, please. I am going to respect you and your reign as a champion but please also respect me. Our past doesn’t matter right now, this is about respect man to man. I’m asking you man to man, no more of that. Do what you need to do. No more of my matches. I have to prove that I am limitless. That’s to Drew.”

Keith Lee has a lot of potential and his story is just starting to be written in pro wrestling. The WWE Title picture is ripe with vengeance for Drew McIntyre and this week Keith Lee’s plans had to be altered a little bit so the King Of Claymore Country could get a little payback.

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