Paul Heyman kicked off SmackDown this week and he had a lot to say. He alluded to being cast away as he expertly danced around many subjects that should never be spoken about on live WWE television. Fans spoke out on social media calling it a masterful promo, and that feeling was shared backstage.

Heyman christened himself and Roman Reigns with new monikers when saying he’s “The Special Counsel for the Tribal Chief.” It was widely regarded by fans as the right way to kick off a Universal Title run.

Ringside News has learned that only a few members of the writing team knew what was happening in the Paul Heyman segment. It was laid out in the production meeting as “here’s the Roman/Heyman promo,” and that was it. This is not untypical for Heyman segments.

It was additionally told to us that those backstage wanted to see everything Heyman was doing. It was a “sellout at the monitor and everyone was just breathless from it,” one tenured member of the writing team said.

The general mindset is that Paul Heyman was “on his f*cking game tonight,” as it was put to us. Everyone backstage was saying Paul Heyman is “the GOAT” while praising Roman Reigns’ intensity as well.

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