WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H recently acknowledged the electric atmosphere generated by the passionate crowd in Lyon, France, leading up to the Backlash premium live event.

Ahead of Backlash 2024 at the LDLC Arena in Lyon, France, WWE organized a kickoff press conference and aired an episode of SmackDown on the preceding Friday. The audience exhibited remarkable enthusiasm at both events, with some fans even receiving noise warnings on their smartwatches due to the fervor of WWE’s tapings.

Triple H took note of the spirited crowd during SmackDown, describing France’s WWE fans as “ravenous” in a video shared on Twitter. Anticipating the fervor at Backlash, Triple H expressed his excitement:

“We just needed to be in France and the fanbase here is just ravenous for it. It took us a little bit (of time) but here we are. Last night was an example at SmackDown of, you know, when you pack that many people into a building like this, you can tell it’s going to be loud.”


“People are getting alerts on their phones and watches telling them that the decibel level is too high and that they risk permanent hearing damage. That’s a good sign for us and I would imagine if they were excited last night, tonight for Backlash should be just off the charts good.”

“I think they’re going to bring every bit of that excitement, they’re going to bring energy, they’re going to bring their chants, they’re going to bring their songs, they’re going to bring all of it. It’s going to be glorious.”

Triple H’s post was accompanied by a caption emphasizing the anticipation for Backlash in Lyon: “The @WWEUniverse at #SmackDown last night was on fire, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what they bring tonight. Lyon…this is your moment. Let’s see (and hear) what you’ve got. #WWEBacklash France streams live from @LDLC_Arena at a special start time of 1pm ET @peacock”

This recognition of the passionate fanbase in Lyon underscores WWE’s global appeal and the excitement surrounding live events like Backlash.

hat are your thoughts on Triple H’s acknowledgment of the passionate crowd in Lyon, France, ahead of WWE Backlash? How important do you think the energy of the audience is to the overall experience of a live event like Backlash? Share your perspectives in the comments below!

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