Matt Cardona is having a much better time in AEW so far than he ever had in WWE. While he was under Vince McMahon’s roof his Zack Ryder character seldom picked up a win. Those enhancement talents are sometimes called “jobbers,” but that is a term the former Broski despises.

During the Major Wrestling Figure podcast, Matt Cardona spoke about the term jobber and hoe he feels it’s not even a real word. In the end, it’s something the internet marks say, but it’s nothing said backstage.

“I hate the term ‘jobber’ and when somebody uses the term ‘jobber.’ I hate it. A ‘jobber’ to me, is Duane Gill before he was Gillberg. That’s a jobber. If you’re on television, you’re not a jobber. Win, lose, or draw, you’re not a jobber. I hate internet marks who use that term. It’s not a real word. I was in WWE for how long, I don’t think anybody in the back calls anyone a ‘jobber.’ It’s an outside looking in term. No one is like, ‘Hey Hawkins, you lost 100 times in a row, you jobber!’ I think people use it incorrectly. [The boys] don’t use it at all. It’s internet people and people who think they are smart who use it, and it pisses me off.”

Fans have their own lingo just like any other group of people in culture. Jobber might not be a term that Cardona is fond of, but many people have been able to find ways to use it in ways outside of pro wrestling to simply mean someone who constantly fails.

Thanks to Fightful for the quote

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