Jon Moxley Reveals Cancelled Plans He Had For 2020

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Jon Moxley is going through the pandemic era like the rest of us. His wife was also infected during that time which was a very scary situation. 2020 didn’t turn out like anyone on this planet planned, to say the least.

While he spoke to Wrestling Observer Radio, Moxley discussed the “ambitious” schedule that he mapped out for himself in 2020. He planned to go all around the world and represent AEW. Unfortunately, that couldn’t happen.

“The rest of the year was obviously Dynamite every week and AEW pay-per-views. We had a little AEW tour of the UK tour that we were gonna do that got nixed. I was supposed to be going to Europe and back and forth from Japan a bunch. I was supposed to do the indies, like the really bigger cool indie shows. A bunch of stuff a bunch of cool opponents outside of AEW I had in mind. I was gonna be touring the world bringing that [AEW] belt everywhere. I had a really ambitious year planned out and that all just stopped dead in its tracks.”

Moxley said that fortunately, AEW was able to continue as Dynamite didn’t stop. It still didn’t change the fact that Moxley had a lot more in store for 2020.

Transcription by Ringside News

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