WWE Cancelled Big Push For Superstar Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

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WWE had a lot of plans in motion, but then everything changed in mid-March. The coronavirus pandemic swept America, and it’s something that everyone is still dealing with every day. One Superstar’s big push was supposed to take place, but it didn’t happen due to COVID-19.

Riddick Moss recently explained why he disappeared from WWE television. His brother who lives with him has cystic fibrosis which puts him at a huge risk if he gets COVID-19. Moss just recently returned as a part of the RAW Underground segments.

Fightful Select reports that Moss was actually “sat out by Paul Heyman as a result, as to avoid any potential heat of making the decision himself.” Several people have also said that Heyman was very high on Moss and wanted to give him a big push.

Riddick Moss was WWE 24/7 Champion when he told WWE that he needed to stay home because of his brother. There was no heat on him within WWE and they “respected his wishes.” This is why there was an “unconventional outdoor title switch” in March following WWE’s move to the Performance Center.

Now that Riddick Moss is back on WWE television he’s being booked as a brute force to be reckoned with on RAW Underground. He might be getting another push toward the top even after Paul Heyman’s exit.

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