Triple H Reacts To Reports Of Renee Young Leaving WWE


Renee Young reportedly gave her notice to WWE a week ago. This was a sudden, and sad announcement. She hasn’t spoken about it publicly yet, but that time is probably coming soon enough.

Young’s departure from WWE was confirmed by multiple outlets, so it’s likely legit. Triple H was asked about her departure during a recent teleconference, but he didn’t want to comment on it.

Triple H declined to comment on Renee Young’s departure from WWE. He said that it is her place to make such an announcement, but he did say that she’s awesome and great to work with.

Renee Young’s departure from WWE will be a huge loss. She is an incredible host, but she likely won’t be out of work for long. It is unclear as of this writing when Renee Young’s final WWE show will be.

Fans reacted in a big way and they were very sad to see her go. You can check out some of those reactions here.

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