Eric Bischoff Isn’t Happy About AEW Appearance Leaking Online


Eric Bischoff made a special appearance for AEW as he hosted the great debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. His AEW debut was actually spoiled by a leaked result, and that brought even more interest to Dynamite that week.

It was already stated that Bischoff’ appearance for AEW was a cameo. That one-off shot for Eric Bischoff could be followed up on down the line. Right now there don’t seem to be any plans for him to return.

Bischoff wasn’t happy that his appearance leaked. During 83 Weeks, Easy E brought up that leak before saying that the wouldn’t even call the leaker “a fan.” In his viewpoint, leaking that surprise hurt AEW.

“You have fans that are reading things that haven’t even happened yet and determining how they feel about it. When I showed up in AEW a couple weeks ago, some fan, I hate to call him a fan cause you’re not really a fan of the business when you do this type of thing because you’re actually hurting the business.

“It didn’t hurt me at all, but it hurt AEW. How much, how little? I don’t know, but it’s not healthy. Anybody that’s a real fan of wrestling should probably forgive or understand why any promoter would do anything in their power to maintain the integrity of things that they felt were best for business, if they were kept secret.”

Eric Bischoff seemed to enjoy his time in AEW. He was able to see how they put the show together and speak openly about that process as well.

AEW will always run the risk of spoilers leaking out when they have fans in the building watching a taped episode of Dynamite. There is also the chance that spoilers will get out there which are intended to deceive.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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