Natalya Isn’t Happy With Mickie James After WWE RAW

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As Natalya and Lana continue to develop their friendship and on-screen alliance, it only makes sense for them to square off against a tenured veteran to help them get to the next level.

Right now, that veteran is Mickie James, who appears to be in fantastic shape as she continues to impress the masses with what she can still do in the ring.

After an altercation last night during the match between James and Natalya, the latter made it clear that she will side with Lana in any and all confrontations.

Positioning Natalya as a heel has always been viewed as a bit of a risk given her limitations in character work, but perhaps this is the kind of pairing that can actually take her to the next level.

James, on the other hand, is always someone that needs to be viewed as a threat, and as someone who could easily be inserted into the title picture.

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