Federal Government Trying To Seize Ted DiBiase Jr’s Home


Ted DiBiase, Jr was involved in the largest embezzlement scandals in the state of Mississippi’s history. Not he might lose his home.

The Associated Press reports that the United States Federal Government is attempting to seize Ted DiBiase Jr’s home. His residence is worth $1.5 million and sits in Madison, Mississippi.

DiBiase Jr is not accused of any crime, but federal agents have stepped in to prevent him from selling his home. It is reported that he was one week away from completing the sale of his home. There’s no word on who was trying to buy the home from DiBiase Jr

It is alleged that Brett DiBiase was given funds to go to a drug treatment facility in Malibu. The problem is that money was earmarked for Mississippi’s welfare programs. DiBiase is alleged to have given money as payment for drug abuse classes that he didn’t really teach as well.

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